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Weird problem when trapping...

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Well, there is one orange cat around here, a female who I already had spayed, etc. She is extremely feral, lunges from the trap, etc. I supply cat food, but on the nights I put out my trap I take it away. The last three times I have set up my trap, the same orange female has been in it. I've read everywhere that if you trap a cat once its almost impossible to do again...so to me this seems really odd. I know there are more ferals I need to trap, but I am beginning to feel like this cat simply lurks, waiting for my trap to be set, then she comes in and enjoys a tuna feast. Either she just isn't intelligent enough to realize whats happening-though I doubt it, or she is smart enough to realize she gets set free every time she gets trapped and gets fish dinner in the bargain. How can I stop this cat from trapping herself before any other cats have a chance to?
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Not sure how to fix your problem...but it sure seems like she is a very clever cat or a very stupid cat!!lol
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I'd trap her and then keep her in a crate or room for a few days while you finish trapping the others. I'd vote that she's pretty smart.

You can also rig the trap with twine to stay open until the cat you want goes in. If she goes in first and eats the bait, you'll have to reset it but she can't eat all your bait!

Take a circle of twine and loop it though the hole where the hook goes that sets the trap (at the top). Tie the circle closed so you can slip a pen through it and hold the trap open that way. Tape a length of twine to the other end of the pen. Sit quietly away from the trap and wait until the cat you want goes into the trap, then you can yank the pen out and shut the trap. This takes patience and will only work if the cats aren't spooked by your presence.
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Here's a video for selective trapping. It'll be easier to watch it then to explain. Good luck!
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I'm not going to be of any help, but I vote for smart. She's figured out in kitty terms the risk/reward of that trap. I think that she knows you won't hurt her, even if she's not lovey and friendly.
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I had a spayed feral girl that I trapped about a dozen times trying to get her sister. I finally locked the spayed one in my garage for a few days until I got her sister.

You are just going to have to get the spayed cat out of the environment for a while if you want to catch the others.
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