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Ontario's 2nd ever Amber alert ends in horror - pls pray for the family!

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This story has just made me ill. The poor child's body had been dismembered! My heart goes out to the family. This has been pulled from

Search for a Killer

The city is still reeling from the tragic murder of 10-year-old Holly Jones. But officers and investigators can’t stop to recuperate from the horror – they have work to do.

Toronto police divers headed back into the water Wednesday morning to search for more evidence in the killing.

The young child’s remains were located in two spots on Tuesday morning – first at Ward’s Island and later near the Exhibition grounds. Police say they’re putting all they have into finding her killer. “We'll be going out to the areas where we discovered the packages from yesterday and we'll be expanding our searches from there,†explained P.C. Angus Armstrong. “We're putting dive team members in the water today and basically searching those areas, expanding out from there. Along with that, we'll be putting a tremendous amount of boats out in the water and again do lots of surface searching, shoreline search. We'll cover the whole area.â€

Two gym bags held Holly's remains. One was a black Lynx gym bag, the other was a carry-on luggage suitcase with a gray decal on it that says Cherokee.

The last time Holly was seen alive was at 6:30pm Monday near her home on Sterling Avenue.

It’s a normally quiet street, but now the silence is deafening. A hush has fallen over the block where 10-year-old Holly Jones lived, played, grew up and was finally taken away forever. Friends and neighbours in the Perth Avenue and Bloor St. area had followed the terrible search all day. And the final revelation that the youngster was dead was almost too much for them to bear.

The look of hope that many tried to keep up during the long hours quickly turned to despair as the reality sank in. When the announcement they most dreaded was finally confirmed, the doors of their houses opened, and people streamed out as fast as their tears, unable to hide their shock and sadness. “I didn't get to say bye or anything and give her a hug, nothing,†said heartbroken friend Michelle.

Grieving residents hugged each other for support, trying to conceive how their neighbourhood could be visited by such evil. One thing is for certain though, parents in the area will be keeping a close watch on their children. “Always take them to school, never let them walk alone, never even let them go to the store. It's not safe. You don't know who is watching and what they are thinking,†warned neighbour Nazreen Moursalien.

As for Holly’s family, they arrived back at their now empty home Tuesday night, after hearing the worst possible news from police. They’re in seclusion as they try to cope with a tragedy beyond comprehension.
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How terribly sad for this family
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How horrible! I'm keeping the family and community in my thoughts and prayers.
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That is just beyond words. My thoughts are with the family. I sure hope the press will give them the time and space they need to cope.
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sending prayer's from NY That poor family.
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How horrible! I just don't know how any parent can deal with such a nightmare. I hope they catch the monster responsible for this atrocity ASAP.
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God bless that little lamb's heart. I hope she fell unconscious and didn't realize what that monster was about to do! Her parents will never get over this, but I pray that God eases their pain. And I hope the police soon get this butcher in prison, and that he will never be able to do such a thing again. Heaven help him in prison, because the convicts hate these acts as much as we do!
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Oh my gosh... how horrible. I hope they find whoever did this.
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OMG! How horrible for the poor family and the community! I hope they catch the killer very soon!!!!
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That is so horrible. I really feel for her parents. It's hard enough losing a child, but to lose a child this way would be too much to bare. Sending prayer to everyone envolved in this sad situation. I just pray that in my life time I'd never have this happen to me or my family...I don't know if I could handle it. So very sad...
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Ontario, huh? I know that Paul Bernardo is in prison but, where has Karla Homolka been lately? This sure looks a lot like their MO.

Hope they get the creep. Too bad, Canada doesn't have the death penalty.
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Oh my GOD. This made me cry.

That poor little girl. The monster that did this deserves the death penalty whether Canada does it or not!
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Cindy's right - it does sound like the Bernardo/Homolka case. She was as bad as he was - "sacrificing" her own sister.
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As horrendous as the outcome was, at least the family knows that their child is now at peace and not still in the hands of a sadistic abducter. Not much comfort, I know.........but in these situations you have to grasp at what you can. I pray that the perpetrator is apprehended quickly before he can get his hands on another innocent child.
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This whole case is absolutely horrible. I've been praying for her and her family since I learned she was abducted.

If you live in Canada, please consider signing the petition for "Holly's Law". They need 10,000 signatures. The website is I'm not sure if you can sign if you live outside of Canada, though.
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A quote from the Holly's Law website:

"Under the current law, a convicted child molester can be released into the community after serving relatively light sentences. Their rights to freedom and privacy is protected by law while members of the community in which they live are not entitled to notification of there presence in their neighbourhood. Convicted child molesters are allowed to interact freely with our children even when their is a known and real threat for them to reoffend."

Here in the U.S. (or at least here in MN) the general public is notified ahead of time when a convicted child molester is being released from prison and will be moving into their community. There have been many times when I have seen these announcements made in my local newspaper and on local news programs.
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This update was taken from

Arrest in Holly Jones case


TORONTO (CP) -- A 35-year-old software developer has been arrested in the slaying of 10-year-old Holly Jones, whose abduction and brutal murder last month set the city on edge and caused fear and trepidation among parents and their children.

The arrest marked the latest chapter in an intensive police investigation that began May 13 when luggage containing the little girl's dismembered remains was recovered from the chill waters of Lake Ontario.

Holly disappeared the previous day while on her way home from a friend's house, just blocks away from her own.

Michael Briere was charged with first-degree murder after being arrested early Friday morning at an address in the city's west end, close to Holly's home. He was to appear in court either later in the day or on Saturday.

"While a trail of evidence led investigators to the accused, I emphasize this particular investigation is far from over," Police Chief Julian Fantino told a news conference.

"There is much work yet to be done. The Holly Jones Task force will continue until every aspect of this horrible crime is thoroughly investigated."

A neighbour next door to the address where Briere was arrested said police took two men into custody early Friday.

One had a shaved head and "always looked like a military type," said Adel Shams, 63, who owns the TDot cafe next to the address.

"He never said hello, he was unfriendly, I never got eye contact," Shams said, adding that both men were taken away in handcuffs and in separate police cruisers.

Briere's employer, the lab testing company MDS Inc., issued a statement within hours of the arrest to extend sympathies to Holly's family and say they were co-operating fully with police.

While Fantino said Briere was not believed to have been acquainted with Holly, he revealed few details about the man, instead spending most of the news conference praising the police work that lead to the arrest. He also urged the media not to release any photographs of the suspect, saying people still needed to be interviewed by investigators.

Holly's daylight abduction and brutal slaying stunned the city and terrified parents in a gritty west-end neighbourhood known as the Junction.

A series of child abduction attempts that followed in the same neighbourhood have involved a suspect or suspects that witnesses described as having remarkably similar features to each other, but was never directly linked to the Holly Jones' investigation.

Fantino said Briere was not a suspect in the other crimes, which police had said involved a man aged 40 to 50 years old, with salt and pepper hair, a goatee, moustache and a mole on the left side of his nose just below the eye.

He ominously warned residents that Briere's arrest did not necessarily signal safety and security for the community.

"This is not a time to let our guard down," he said.

Police found Holly's remains in two bags in separate locations, including along the shores of Ward's Island, a short ferry ride from the downtown core.

In one of the bags, police discovered a dumbbell, apparently part of an unsuccessful attempt to weigh the bag down in the water.

What ensued was a concerted effort to draw the killer out of hiding. Police repeatedly insisted they were just "one phone call" from an arrest and urged the perpetrator to surrender.

But as the weeks passed, the lack of concrete results frustrated those in Holly's neighbourhood, sending panicked parents out to patrol the night streets themselves and prompting a rally last week in which more than 150 residents gathered to strengthen community ties.

As some residents demanded an increased police presence, officers called for calm, saying they had assigned "teams and teams of investigators," including undercover officers.

Police sifted daily through thousands of tips from callers to the Holly Task Force, including several from people who spotted two luggage-toting strangers on board the Ward's Island ferry the day the little girl's remains were discovered.

One of the two men was later cleared.

While police have refused to say whether Holly was sexually assaulted, her killing fuelled fresh calls from police and politicians alike for new laws and tools to help pursue and prosecute sex offenders.

More than 200 known sex offenders lived in or were known to frequent Holly's neighbourhood, police said, stunning locals who quickly established a Web site -- -- to call for tougher sentencing for sex offenders and better measures to protect children.

The arrest comes three days after Holly's elementary school held a tearful tribute attended by hundreds of children and several neighbourhood parents in which her friends recited poems, songs and recalled stories of happy times together.

Maria Jones watched silently as her daughter's distraught friends cried loudly throughout the ceremony and her daughters Natasha, 17, and Shauna, 18, sobbed quietly beside her.
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Absolute horror!
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I am so happy that he has been arrested! I would not want to be on that jury.
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