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Sam the Koala - Face of the Aussie Fires

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I'm sure you've all seen the touching photo of the firefighter and the koala bear who he found in the firezone and gave her water, saving her from sure death.

She's doing much better now and is in a wildlife sanctuary. TMZ made a tasteless joke at their expense and actually issued an apology (which is part of what the article is about), which is rare for them. But what's more amazing about this story is that the firefighter was reunited with Sam and there are photos of the reunion, and more of Sam at the top of the article. Be sure to watch the video directly under the photo on the right side. Amazing. It's video that was recorded when they found her, a wild animal desperate in a desperate situation. It's so heartwarming to see a happy ending in such a dire situation, such compassion to an animal in the face of untold human tragedy.,27574...6-1243,00.html
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That little koala is sooooo cute!

And so trustworthy too, as it was wild
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I saw that on the Ellen DeGeneris show yesterday. How wonderful for that dear little koala.
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Generally wild koalas will not go near humans, and can get quite aggressive if they feel threatened. So seeing these sorts of images are exceptionally amazing - they know these people are helping them. It's just the story of hope that people need right now after all this heartbreak.
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That brings tears to my eyes every time I see it
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I read the story, but couldn't view the video. I did manage to find it at YouTube.

It had me in tears!
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She has just been on the news here, she looks so sweet.
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I didn't realize that there was video, too. It's amazing to see. I would think that Sam the koala was in shock as well as injured. I'm wondering if that's why she accepted help from humans. I also wonder if she remembered that firefighter - she was pretty messed up. Do koalas have a good sense of smell?

Her poor little paws all bandaged up. I know koalas are marsupials, so they're related to oppossums... but her feet with those claws also look like sloth feet. Looks like the end of her nose has burns on it too.

Poor baby -- vibes for a speedy recovery for her and her wild animal "mates" there in Australia.
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What a heart touching story! That's true hero material there! Prayers for the countless other little ones in harm's way.
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I love the video and the pictures...that little bit of hope has to be a balm.

Continued vibes and prayers for those affected by the fires
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Originally Posted by AlleyGirl View Post
That brings tears to my eyes every time I see it
me too bless their hearts
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What an amazing story!
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I thought this was in the original article, but apparently it was culled from another article. But isn't this the sweetest thing??


Sam is healing well thanks to the efforts of caretakers at the rescue shelter — and she even has a new boyfriend, Bob.

\t \t\t\t \t\t\t Sam won the affection of Bob, another koala whose paws were scorched in the weekend's inferno, caretaker Lynn Raymond said Thursday.

\t \t\t\t \t\t\t "Bob is her protector — as soon as she is moved, he's on the move, too. It really looks like he's making sure she's OK," Raymond said from the Mountain Ash Wildlife Shelter in Rawson, 100 miles east of Melbourne in Victoria state, where the deadly fires continue to burn. "They're good company for each other."

\t \t\t\t \t\t\t Neither koala is likely to be healthy enough for release for at least four months, and are being comforted by caretakers who salve their scorched paws every few hours.
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I saw the footage of Sam & Bob yesterday on the news - what a heart warming story.

That Sam recovers really fast! I love Koala's
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I just found a gallery of pics featuring Sam and Bob. What a lovely Valentine's story.,00.html#
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The pics of the two koalas are just adorable. I'm surprised that two wild koalas that don't know each other would get along so quickly. Are they sociable animals, anyone know?
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i seen the pic yesterday at work and was so touched by it that i had to show BF this morning and thats when i found the video, i love stories of rescued animals, it makes me all warm and fuzzy

and they are so smart, i read how koalas are usually nasty in the wild but yet he new enough to accept help from a human, its amazing.
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