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Water questions

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Why do cats (mine at least) like to drink from a dirty mud puddle instead of a bowl of clean water? I always have water available, but she goes into the back yard and drinks from the sprinkler well. Sometimes she will drink out of the toilet when fresh water is available. What's wrong with her?

How much water is normal for a cat to drink in a day?
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That kind of reminds me of my dog Bjorn, who instead of drinking out of the many water bowls we have in the house and backyard, he drinks out of the dirty pond. Actually, the cats like drinking the pond water too. Maybe they think if they drink all the water, they can get to the fish.
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Have you tried a water fountain? The running water might be more attractive than the dirty water.
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I woudln't be worried about it, my cats like to drink out of puddles or the creek behind our house. I keep a fresh bowl of water available at all times though.
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