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Trout doesn't have any problem with a dirty box..but she rarely has to deal with a dirty box anyway, so it works out.
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I have a Litter Robot which cleans itself after each use. (At least it's supposed to. Sometimes it doesn't cycle.) Also, whenever I walk past it, I'll turn it off and then on, which makes it cycle again.
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We used to have two boxes (2 cats), but they both grew up together so they seemed perfectly content to use the same box.

My husband, bless his heart, takes care of the litter box. I wouldn't care to, but the dust aggravates my asthma like smoke would. Even trying to keep the dust down or buying a different type of litter doesn't seem to matter. It's like when the nose smells liter, the lungs close up.. Ack.

He takes care of it every morning and there's only been a couple of accidents since them (mostly because a human was in the bathroom where we keep the box and one of the kitties really had to go!)

Love their precious hearts
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I've never had them not use a litter box.

We only have 2 boxes for 3 cats, but they don't ever use a 3rd one when I put one out so I just got rid of it. They are both covered boxes too, because otherwise the dog gets into them (so gross).

Sometimes I'll go 2 days without cleaning them and I feel awful about it because I know I'm already pushing my luck. I really try to scoop every day, it's rare that I don't (but it happens).
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Oh, Levi is the WORST! As soon as I start to clean the box, he has to go! One time, I pushed him away and said, "You can wait till I'm done, mister!" Well, he couldn't and peed in the lid that was upside down RIGHT next to me! Now, I scoop around him!!
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