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What would you do??

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I have a friend that I am no longer close with. For around 12 years we saw each other all the time. Her son practically grew up at my house with my boys.. But as the kids grew up and she divorced we just drifted apart. I now only see her if I happen to run into her at the store or gas station.. She just lives a few miles away. I still see her son a few times a month.
I just saw her ex last night and he had some terrible news. She just found out a few days ago she has stomach and kidney cancer and shes only 48..They can not operate but are going to try chemo. It doesn't sound good for her at all. I feel so bad for her. I would like to offer her some support. Let her know I am willing to help with rides to chemo or what ever she needs. But how. What does one do call and say I heard you have cancer?
It just seems in bad taste to just call after all these years and say that. What would you do to a contact her about such a horrible thing? Call and just blurt it out. Maybe send a card saying thinking of you and please call if you need anything?
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I think a card or a call would be great but I would be more specific on what you can help here with as many people in this situation don't want to be a burden to others.
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I'm sorry

If I were you I'd go with the card.

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it doesnt matter if you guys are close or not now, you were really good friends and just drifted apart. im going to say give her a call and its ok to say i heard you were really sick....and offer her all the support u can give, sometimes people like that really do need the support. even if she declines at 1st i would say set up a day to go for lunch and give her a few phone calls, if she doesnt respond back to you over time then i guess you have to let go.

but my mom had a good friend who she hasnt talked to in years and she found out she was in the hospital with really bad cancer and i new it was tearing her apart, she asked me if i thought she should go see her and i said absolutley and offered to go with her. so we went, and seen her, and when she got out of the hospital she called my mom and thanked her so much for coming, and now my mom helps her out all the time by giving rides to chemo, just stopping by to cheer her up, and going out for lunch once in a while.

i think its really important u do try to reconnect because your thinking about it, if you dont its only going to bother you.
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