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Too many cats?

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Hi just something i was thinking about earlier, how many cats is too many?
Just that i know a guy who has 16 cats in a one bed apartment.... to me thats too many for that little space, and they're all indoor.
Just wondered what number you guys think is too many?
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I definitely think that's WAY too many! How did this guy get so many cats?? and WHY wouldm't he get a bigger place? That's just ignorance IMO.

I personally think that if there is a question whether or not your place is big enough, then it's not!
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I know a woman that has 15 cats in a one-bedroom appt. Its too mny, and not very wise - as she can hardly pay for all their treatments!!
Its not enought to love them...
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I think that is too many! I have a 2 bedroom mobile home and have 5,that is enough.
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I think it depends on how much space you have, and if they are outdoor/indoor cats...I only have 2 and we could probably have room for a couple more, but hubby says no..but WOWZERS!! 16 cats!!! That is way too many I think.
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Definitely waaaay too many. Some people can have 10 or 12 cats and be fine, it really depends on how much space there is for the cats and whether they're ferals, indoor/outdoor cats or completely indoor cats. How would this guy have room for all the litter trays???

There are some people around called 'collectors'. They cannot say no to an abandoned animal and eventually get into a situation where they have so many animals, they cannot feed or look after themselves properly, let alone the poor animals! I hope this guy is coping OK.
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Yes this guy does have way to many, like someone said, he just can't say no and is forever adding to his collection.
He only works part time, And has a good job, so he can afford to look after them. There are litter trays everywhere!!! And although they are normally clean, the place reeks of urine.
His life is the cats, and you can see that he adores them, like i said he just can't say no, and people are always bring him unwanted cats.
In a way, i can see they are better at his home than at the rescue as he does give them all the individual attention and love they need.Some of them have temprement problems and if it wasn't for him then they would certainly end up put to sleep
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Speaking as one who is owned by a dozen cats, I have to agree that unless you have a decent amount of space, you have no business having a lot of cats. While the main level of my house is about 1000 sq feet, I also have a finished attic and a finished basement, so their territory is about 3000 square feet. I feel like we are at the limit of how many cats we can happily keep in this amount of space. There is room for them to be alone, room for them to play, etc.

When I lived in a one bedroom apartment, I only had Midnight. More than one cat seemed too much for that small space.
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I really think it depends on the space and money you have. My house isn't very large but I think I can comfortable live around 6 cat inside. We have three beds rooms, one and a half baths and a enclosed heated/air condtioned porch. We are planning on turning the enclosed porch in to an area for food and litter boxes.
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Are the cats fixed? If not he is going to have an even bigger problem. I would have the humaine society see if they could take a few of the nicer cats and find them a home.
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Good point, Teresa! And let me add that ALL of my cats are fixed!!!!! Only two are declawed, they were that way already when we adopted them.
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yes they are all fixed.
Let me say that these cats are all well looked after, it's just when you're there it feels like there are cats everywhere you look... very claustrophobic.

This man isn't a bad person, quite the opposite, he cares and loves his cats very very much. In a way it's his love for these animals which have led to where he is now
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i think if they are all well cared for and happy there is no problem. I mean if he want's to be around alot of cats and manages to keep his place clean and the cats healthy, more power to him!
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My House & My Breeding Co-partner( My Nana ) Together we have over 40 cats, NOW some of you are probably agaianst it because they live in cages but only about 8 cats can be roaming indoors or out at a time, We are NOT cat farmers just have a passion for the Persian Breed, Everyone of our cats gets loads of and attention and CATS is my Nanas full time job, I can't say Wow he has too many cats when I have more...
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I have 5 cats in my one-bedroom NYC apartment.
That would probably be one too many except that my two russian blues are
very mature cats who lounge around mostly and look good.
I also use just one very large litter box, since they dont demand separate ones.
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40 cats that live in cages? What size cages are you talking about? That's an uncomfortable thought.

I think too many cats is when a person begins denying them what they deserve - health and happiness. And also when a person begins denying themselves as well, because if you can't feed yourself then you will eventually be unable to feed the cats.
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I don't think cats and cages go well together, I know my guys are all over our 3-bedroom home!
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My house is about 1,700ish sq. ft. and with my husband, son and 4 cats running around, it got crowded over here. My cats are too big (14-22lbs) to coupe up. Plus they really need room to stretch their legs and exercise at that weight. Our cat enclosure saved our sanity! Not to mention, the house doesn't smell like a litter box anymore. I can't imagine 16 cats in a 1 bedroom apartment. Our 4 cats HOG our bed as it is, LOL!

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cages? o my goodness?!? That is just wrong! poor kitties! How about a lil room for each one haha I have 7 and I am still adding but I have the time and money to take care of each one of them. And all my animals get along with each other. Just like that guy on the tv talking about care for animals with all the animals running around getting along while he talks on his tv show...that is me with my birds and dogs and cats and turtles and fish(maybe not the fish) but the ducks and everything! o and my fiance, and me ofcourse hehe
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18 cats here on four acres and then some. Two large barns for the barn cats, a knife shop plus the house where they have an inside/outside option, and the second floor is nothing other than a cat room for when they are sick, or injured, or when the new ones come in and I have to merge them gradually into the crew.

It is to many cats when you find that you cannot provide quality care, including vet visits or if your house smells like a litterbox all the time.
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Chrztal posted:
cages? o my goodness?!? That is just wrong!
Chrztal - my cats would disagree with you...they love their cage.

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no offense Kim, but that doesn't qualify as a cage, it is an enclosure- big difference
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LOL! OK, OK...Retraction! The chicken wire throws me off and I find myself calling it a "Cage" more often than an "Enclosure." (It's a chicken coupe to some folks) LOL!

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yes i agree that to determine wheher or not you have too many cats is based on whether you can afford to provide care for it, and if you have enough space for them to live comfortably.
i found out the hard way, u used to have 3 cats in a small 2 bedroom apartment, there was enough room but i found that i couldnt afford to look after them the way i wanted to as the bills started to add up! also i found i couldn't give them all the amount of attention i wanted to give them as i was working fulltime and studying nights!

so i finally ended up haveing to give Jamie away, she was the most affectionate cat, the bad thing though, is that the friend i gave her to eventually gave her back to the CAt haven (Shelter) cuz she was moving interstate , and i think they proberly put her down if they didn't find a home for her within a month! i still feel guilty about it since i was the one who got her from the cat haven in the first place!
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Wow what a cool cage. I was picturing small cages in dark closed off rooms. What a terrible picture. But wow~! All kitties should be so lucky to have those "cages".

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My house is 2000 square feet. I have two cat rooms, one in my bedroom and one right outside of my bedroom. The cats own the whole basement except for my brothers room! I have scrathing posts around the basement, they even have their own full size couch! They have a huge litter box area and a feeding table!

Kim, I that enclosure! Did you buy the plans? I am going to be building an enclosure next payday. I am going to make it 8' tall, 8' long, and 8' wide. I have a huge yard, and there's not much outside except my brothers swing set! Buddy, my Golden Retriever gets the run of the whole yard!

I just painted the "new" cat room blue. My cats go into the room, and stare at the walls as if to say "What a BAD color!"
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3 of my cats are in cages right now. Granet and Marble (kittens) are sharing an EXTRA large dog training crate (the one that snowwhite was in) they come out for about a hour of play time. Laurie the feral is in two medium size dog crates (we have the joined together) so she has an area for litter, an area for food and one for sleeping) these are only tempory until laurie gets fixed then she will be outside, and moe and neo get used to granet and marble, then they will have free rein of the house. I think sometimes crates or cages are necessory for tempory use, although I wouldn't want to see a kitty in there alllll the time.
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Kim, that is a cool enclosure!!! Did you have someone make that for your kitties or did you do it yourself?? Rocky and Fluffy would absolutely love that!!!!!
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I hope noone thought that I was being mean by my comment "that is just wrong" When you said cages, I just figured an actual cage, not a huge playpen the size of a room. I said get them a room and that is what you have. Good Job. Looks like my cage for my parrot! Yes, the cats even get along with him.
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