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Daily Thread Thurs Feb 12th

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Morning folks

Well, I seem to feel better today so I am heading to work this morning. If I feel worse when I get there, I will just leave.

I am not looking forward to the onslaught of work ahead of me when I get there. At my place of employment, the work just piles up when a person isn't there. It sucks! I am normally a person to keep on top of paperwork so it bugs me to have a collection.

Anyhoo, off to the shower soon..wish me luck! Have a good day folks!
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Good morning,

Glad you're feeling better.

We're a bit cooler, but still nice with a high around 60 F (16 C) and scattered thunderstorms.

I'll be working today, but I'll probably leave early around 3 pm today. After that, a quiet evening at home, probably surfing the 'net or playing a game with a kitty or two on my lap.
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Glad to hear your feeling better ..
Its a mild very foggy day here. Which is good the fog melts the snow very fast.. Not much planned. Going to make a trip to Wal Mart later on today..
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Its overcast here but warm again for this time of year (33F/1C). The snow continues to decrease though.

Heading up north later this morning for a visit with one of my SIL.
I have the bathroom completely re-organized!! Now I really need to work on the basement as I will be starting seeds in about a month.

We have the wood chipper in our other building-we just have to put it together as its in about 4 large pieces-that may be our Sunday task.

Nothing much else going on....................
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Glad you are getting over the bug you had

It is windy here today... gusts from 60-90km.

Might go visit a friend this afternoon depending on how my hands are. They tend to deteriorate over the day. He breeds dogs and I haven't been out to see them yet, only pics.

I plan on getting 10mins of exercise today. I know it doesn't sound like much, but compared to none..... I stepped on the scale last night and almost I am really disgusted with myself right now.
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Morning All!!

Mild and rainy here this morning but it is suppose to get colder and snow by noon.

Not up to much today, working on my laundry, and cleaning the bathroom.

Put out a roast this morning so have to decide what to have along with that for dinner.

The kitties are birdwatching and squirrel watching this morning.

Everyone have a great day
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Hope you feel better soon!

In my job if you go to work not feeling well, or get sick in the middle of your shift, you basically have to suck it up and finish your shift because we are so short staffed they can't get anyone to replace you if you have to leave. Some years ago while at work, I found out my grandmother had died. I was a crying mess but had to finish my work shift....6 hours. My poor patients were asking me how I was feeling!

I'm off for a massage and then the library. I have to return some books and pick up a few others that have come in for me. One I've been waiting for for an entire year! I think it's called "The Gargoyle"
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Morning everyone!
It's my day off and since I cleaned the house already this week, I'm not doing it again. Ok, maybe laundry... but that's it!!
Hubby is (was) in the process of making us blueberry muffins, but now he's talking to someone about work, so when I'll get my muffins, I'll never know.
Other then that, nothing is going on for me. I've decided that we are going to do nothing today. I kind of enjoy days like that now and again.
Besides, it's only like 35 degrees, still to cold for me, to play outside.
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