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Baby Boy

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Here's a few pics of the newest member of my family, Baby Boy.

He's really not much of a baby anymore. He's 7-8 months old and weighs 9 pounds. I rescued him as a feral back in October. He's literally tripled in size since then. He's also missing the end of his tail. I tried to rescue the other 4 in the litter but I could never catch them. There was another lady that was feeding them so it's possible she rescued some or all of them.
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He is so cute and relaxed looking. He's making me sleepy! I'd love to cuddle with that cutie.
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he is lovely, his coat looks like velvet.
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I will have to come and see him next time we go to the bay area.
How many pounds is he now?
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He's a cutie, and he looks content. I always enjoy seeing photos of ferals-turned-pets.
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He is very handsome- gorgeous coat- and obviously loving his home.
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What a beautiful cat!

And i spy Rock band drums! lol
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