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My babies are a month old!

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It happened so fast! Seems like they were born a week ago! They are such sweeties! Neither have been named yet. I'm keeping one, and the other is going back to the breeder (seeing as I only paid $20 for the pair, they were supposed to be non-breeders). The white mosaic is mine, the beige mosaic is the breeders.

Here's the white mosaic
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And both
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So cute! How tame to chinnies get?
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Depends completely on the chinnie. They are never as affectionate as a cat or dog, but can get really tame. Sammy is my sweetie. He loves to be held and petted, he'll fall asleep in your arms. Ellie won't approach me, If I want her, I have to reach in her box and get her (which I only do when weighing her) She was raised on breeding farms for the first 5 - 8 years of her life with almost no human interaction. She's not used to this "pet" thing. Lexi I got when she was a baby, and she was never one to be held, at all! She'll play with me, run over to me, climb on my hands, but I can't hold her or restrict her in any way or she freaks. Gus was 8 or 9 months when I got him almost 2 months ago. He's a little like Lexi, but more willing to jump in your arms and be carried around the room, he's super curious about everything. Paisley and Sylvester are both about the same, very shy, but sweet, they like to be held, but aren't going to jump into your arms like Gus. Buddy (daddy to these babies), doesn't care to be picked up or held much, but is more willing than Ellie (came from the exact situation as her). And Bailey, mom to these babies, came from the same situation as Buddy and Ellie, but she's a total sweetie! As soon as the cage door opens, she's leaning out for kisses. She loves being a spoiled pet. Such a sweetie!

None of them ever bite, some chins do, but I can't imagine what you'd have to do to them to make them mean! They are naturally just non-biters.

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Awwww!! I can't believe how cute they are! For a long while I didn't even know that a chinchilla was an animal. There's a town near mine that's actually named Chinchilla... never knew why. Still don't really... must have been lots in the area at one time?

Anyway, your babies are just darling... they look so cuddley.
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It sounds like you love your chinnies very much.
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They are VERY cute! Thanks so much for sharing the pics, I've never known anyone to have chinnies and I love seeing yours photos of them and hearing about them!
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Here's another of the Beige mosaic, he looks like a little husky! Very unique baby!
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And we can't forget mom and dad! They're the ones doing all the work, I just get to stand by with my camera ready.
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Wow! They are real sweethearts!
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They are soo adorable and growing fast!!!!
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They are so cute!! Thanks for sharing them with us.
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They are sooooooo cute, My aunty has them and I have seriousely thought of getting one !!! Well Done
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Thanks guys! I have more due (from a planned litter this time) at the beginning of next month!

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I am a chinnie mommy too!! I'm not sure if you are the same Dawn from CnQ? Aren't they wonderful?? I just had my first litter about 10 weeks ago, it's amazing how fast they grow!

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This is my favorite chinchilla picture I have ever taken.. see if you can find my Pixie..???
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Another chinnie person! Yes, I'm also at C&Q, as Chin Slave (not to be confused with chinslave, completely different person).

Pixie is adorable! I love black velvets!

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Aw, what a great pic!!! They are so adorable.

I really wanted a pet of some kind, and we can't have dogs because of our lifestyle... we really considered Chinchillas for a while. But then the kittens turned up in our yard, and the rest is history....

Thanks for sharing!

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