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Back to the vets we go.....

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Well Murfie is at an all time low. APPARENTLY she has a food allergy but I've tried everything and she's only getting worse. Her eyes are now weeping really gross stuff, she hides all day long and I mean ALL day. Like I leave for work at 6am and I come home and she's in the exact same spot...only moving to use the tray or nibble some biscuits, none of which ive seen my bf said she's eating though.

So 2mo arvo we're off to the vet. i hope i can get some answers this time. Its so sad, she's like an empty shell I just want my baby back
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I hope she will be ok.
She is such a nice looking cat.
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Awwww... I am so sorry! Poor baby - I hope she gets better soon....
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Poor thing, I hope she gets well soon
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Thanks for the good vibes guys
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Oh my goodness. I am so sorry. I hope you can find out what is ailing Murfie. With my first rex I had to change foods to Inova Evo. It was the one thing he wouldn't break out upon eating. Many Vibes to you and Murfie.
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My allergy boy eats the Evo 95% meats and does well. I hope you find out what works for him. I know how frustrating that can be.
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that's the thing w/allergies - takes sooooo long to figure out where the problem lies!
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Murfie is having biopsys done on Mon....around $500 later we'll know what the prob is! My bf said its my valentine's day present haha

The vet has a couple of ideas already
option 1: Atopy which basically means she's allergic to every god damn thing!
option 2: eosinophililic complex which im not too sure about

If anyone has cats with either of these conditions Id be greatful for any info
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according to what i've read, the latter one is a symptom of an underlying cause - usually allergies...
EGC is not a single disease but it is a group of similar lesions that affect the skin, muco-cutaneous (mucus membrane-skin) junctions and the oral cavity of the cat. So what causes EGC? The cause is unknown but most cats affected have an underlying hypersensitivity or allergy. This may be a food allergy, atopy (inhalant allergy), or insect allergy (to fleas, flies). Sometimes a seasonal pattern occurs and typically, symptoms wax and wane. Some evidence points to bacteria as a causative agent because antibiotic therapy dramatically improves the lesions or resolves them. There are 3 distinct types of lesions that are recognized. They include 1) the indolent or rodent ulcer, 2) the eosinophilic plaque and 3) the linear or eosinophilic granuloma. All three—or two may occur at the same time.
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I've got no advice but sending you get a diagnosis for Murfie
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I just got my little princess back from the vet, she has 3 lots of stitches and an Elizabethan collar on poor little muffin. I should find out the results on fri so fingers crossed its something manageable or I might just cry
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Poor Murfie.
I hope she feels better and you get answers.
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Poor Murfie.... I hope they find out and get treating what it is once and for all!
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The vet called me today and said Murfie has some condition which im not even going to TRY to remember!!! Basically even after the biospy's they cant tell exactly what she's allergic to as it could be anything from things in the air to food but now he knows its def an allergy causing the problem he is prescribing some meds. He has to order them from a pharmacy so I should know more next week. She's going to have to be on them long term but the good news is I'll have my happy girl back in a month or two
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Thats great news. At least when you know what the problem is then you can deal with it. Its the not knowing thats rough.
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Awwww, I'm glad its nothing too serious. Here's hoping the meds will work wonders!

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for little Murfie.

If you can, post the medical term for Murfie's allergy and what medicine the vet is precribing. This may help someone else in the future.

Please, let us know in a month how she's doing.
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Originally Posted by KittiesHasMe View Post
for little Murfie.

If you can, post the medical term for Murfie's allergy and what medicine the vet is precribing. This may help someone else in the future.

Please, let us know in a month how she's doing.
Sure thing!Im always lurking on here somewhere so ill remember!
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Ok so Murfie officially has Eosinophillic Complex and is on Cyclosporin pills. She has to have one a day for 2 weeks then it goes down to a pill every 2nd day for 2 weeks. Once the tablets are finished she'll have to go back in for a check up.
She's so feral right now, she has a bucket on her head (as soon as i take it off she tries to rip her stitches) so cant clean herself...im thinking its sponge bath time!!!
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awww, poor baby! sending renewed & that she get better asap!
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Oh, Murfie doll, quit scratching yourself!

Sending lots more for Murfie.
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im just glad its treatable

and heres some vibes for murphie feeling better soon
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Thanks guys we appreciate all those good vibes....i'll keep u updated with her progress
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I hope she keeps getting better.
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Vibes for Murfie. I hope she is back to her old self soon. The poor dear.
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She had her stitches out today, the vet said she's fine although she has a minor infection in the scab on her leg where the stitches were. She hasnt been able to clean herself with the bucket on so Im not surprised.
She has to have antibiotics twice a day for 10 days the poor little moppet

Thanks again to everyone for the
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Poor precious thing. I do hope she gets to feeling so much better soon
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Everywhere I read about this disease, I see it being treated with injections of Depomedrol, 2 wk apart until the symptoms disappear, then once every 6 month or so... Is Murphy on that too? I read that Cyclosporin is of some help, but not the treatment by itself...
I also read about anti-allergic diets, etc. What is your vet recommending about it?
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I havent heard of the injection, maybe its not common in australia??? She is already on Hills ZD food and she will remain on that. She seems to have perked up in the last few days, although as soon as i took her bucket off she went to town scratching herself...i trimmed her nails though so no damage was done!
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