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OMG I am SO Grossed Out!

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A little background... Our daughter designs and sews little stuffies out of different colors of faux fur. The little stuffed animals are a huge hit in her school and she has made and given away dozens of them to her friends and classmates.

The kids bring them to school every day and play with them, put on plays with them, etc. and our daughter has created a little city for them in her bedroom. She paints shoe and other small boxes, wallpapers them, makes little paintings for the walls, and creates furniture out of cardboard. She has a library, a spa, a church, grocery store, a pub, houses, a palace and more.

The GROSS thing is that tonight she found a dead mouse in one of the little houses!!! Sparkle must have brought her a gift and left it in the appropriate place! You could hardly tell it was there except it was REAL... and dead!!!

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How adorably funny! Not what you would prefer your daughter to wake up to, but how a bout that Sparkle!? Not only is she protecting your family from pests, but she is putting them in their place...................
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Daughter thanked Sparkle and gave her extra hugs tonight. Sparkle has tried to sleep in some of the buildings but it's a tight squeeze, lol. What an appropriate gift!
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Are the stuffies mouse-like? That's so cute. Smart Sparkle!
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They are made-up animals, sort of nondescript. The main attraction is the long colored "fur", I think. They look more like cat toys.

We threw that box (house) out... I feel sorry for the mouse. We will have a little burial ceremony this afternoon.
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eeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwww gross!! yep my cats are mousers too...nothing like walking to the bathroom in the middle of the night and then step on something furry and squishy!!!lol
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