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I Has A Tail!

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Anna, my Bengal, was chasing her tail on my bed and I managed to get a couple of pictures.

Got tail now!

My tail has a flavor! Nom, nom. nom.

Thank you for looking.
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OMG! That is seriousely funny and I love the captions!
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That is the perfect caption this picture! How cute!
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So cute! I love it when they play on the bed like this!
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I have a tail chase too....sorry for the quality it was recorded with my phone :/
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Anna is gorgeous! Her tail looks yummy!!
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She is gorgeous!!
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Thank you. I tried to get pictures of her while she was chasing it but they came out way to blurry to post.

Right now she is sitting next to my keyboard watching me type...... Well, she left since I wouldn't let her help.
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Oh so cute! Mony chases her tail too. I'm pretty sure that sometimes she forgets that it's attached to her.
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My cats tails must taste good too, they chase them all the time!
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Arwen will chase round in circles for her tail when she is on one of our small chairs...and always falls off!
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How pretty and very funny
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