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Clarification please

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Tommy Chong was arrested for conspiring to sell drug paraphernalia by selling marijuana pipes (I dont know the full story though), but if thats the case, how come I am always seeing marijuana pipes in hippy stores? IS it illegal to sell them or not?
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There's a fine line, Kellye. I know back in the day when we visited head shops, there were always BIG signs posted above the displays that the pipes, bongs, etc. were TOBACCO pipes. Anyone who refered to them otherwise was not-so-kindly asked to leave the store.
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In most states, if there is marijuana residue in the pipe they can bust you for selling or even possessing the pipe. And there aren't too many clean pipes taken off the street.
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In the article that I read, Tommy Chong admitted that the pipes were intended for marijuana use. I think that's what got him busted.
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I know here in Connecticut you can find store that are "head" shops, but are advertised as tobacco shops. They are not allowed to call Bongs... well, Bongs. They have to say they are for tobacco use only.
If cops came to my house and I had a "bong" in plain sight, it would be enough for them to enter my house and check for drugs. Should they come up with pot residue in the pipe, I would be popped, BUT if they came up with nothing but tobacco, then there is nothing they could do.
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In NC, pipes and such are sold as novelties. They are considered novelties right until you step out of the store, then you can be arrested for drug paraphanalia. I think it is this way in several states.
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Laws are different everywhere but I thought I would let you know what it is like in the UK. Here you can find bongs, pipes etc for sale everywhere and as long as actual drug use is not promoted then seling associted items is okay. One magazine even gave away free seeds with one issue... which was legal...growing them wasnt though! its a bit wierd but thats the way it works.
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Pot seeds can be bought at any bird feed store. It is labled hemp seed! LOL
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You can't smoke the seeds, they explode on you. That's why they're legal. I don't know if they've got any of the chemical that makes you high in them, though.

Head shops proliferate down here, but if you have a record you can't even go into one. I was in one where they sold the little vials, coke spoons, even sifters for coke and crystal, as well as the bongs. I even found a used pot pipe once in my yard--cleaned it up and gave it to a friend (that tar is impossible to get out). Now I could've been arrest for possessing any of the above, except the little vials. I actually know people who use the little vials in perfume making and you know the little bags drugs are sold in? Those are also considered paraphenalia (sp?), but I also know people who use them for jewelry. If you're a teenager and you have several boxes of baggies (regular sandwich type) you can also get arrested for paraphenalia.
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