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Luna keeps digging...and digging...and digging...EVERYTHING!

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I thought it was kind of cute at first, Luna would jump into the empty bathtub and would try to dig and then gave up and would jump out.

Then after using her kitty litter, she would start digging AROUND it, which I thought was a bit perculiar...

But now she's digging EVERYTHING. Before she sits down she'll dig the spot, which means she's trying to dig tables, floor tiles, floor boards, the kitchen bench, my bed, my suitcases - she follows me everywhere, and every now and then she stops just to have a dig at the ground as we walk past.

And it's not scratching. She still scratches her scratching posts, and the other objects she's turned into scratching posts.

WHY is she digging? She's starting to dig for longer and longer and now loud noises don't stop her, sometimes I have to actually pick her up to get her to stop. Some of the surfaces she chooses to dig sound so horrible!
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I have a cat that does this and I don't understand it. Maybe she's putting her scent on it???
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Is her litterbox clean, or do you use scented litter? Some cats hate scented litter and will not use their boxes.
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Her kitty litter is clean. She has no problem using that. She doesn't go to the bathroom in these other places she's digging...she just digs those areas. She's even starting to do it to us.
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I have 2 cats that dig far more than the others, but not to the extreme that you are describing. Mine go for water bowls, food bowls, throw rugs, walls, sinks, bath tubs, paper, etc.

Sounds almost like an obsessive compulsive disorder. Have you talked to your vet about it? I'd try more interactive play with her to keep her entertained, and perhaps find an alternative thing she can interact with when she starts to dig. When you see her dig, pick her up and redirect her to an alternative choice.
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Oh my gosh, its not just my kitty!!!
I know that the digging has nothing whatsoever to do with his litterboxes or his litter. He is happy to use his boxes and only uses his boxes, he never does his business outside of the box.
He does dig everywhere though, especially the empty bath??? He seems obsessed with it. He digs the floor tiles in the kitchen, he digs his little puff that he sleeps on, he digs the carpet and the walls. He doesn't have his claws out so he's not scratching things just 'digging'.
I would love to know why???
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