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Need vibes for Hobbes, please  

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Tomorrow will be exactly 1 month since Willi died suddenly. Now Hobbes, our oldest cat, is dying. This is just tearing me apart right now, even though it's not unexpected--he is very, very old, and has had that end-stage look about him for awhile--though up until Monday night, he was still himself--eating, drinking, affectionate. He perked up, and seemed normal yesterday, but today, he's not eating nor drinking much again. He's hiding under the bed, not like him at all.

DH is up visiting his parents until Thursday night, helping them with a bathroom renovation. He wants Hobbes to just die at home; he hates the idea of taking him to the vet to die on a cold metal table. Honestly, I do think Hobbes would like to be here with us. This is the only real, permanent home he has had (he was a stray for about 6 years, thrown out by neighbors, until we moved here). He hates being in the car-- I think if I took him to the vet, he'd die on the way there from stress, and I think she'd tell us to have him put to sleep anyway. I really don't think anything coudl be done for him. DH doesn't think he's suffering; he said if it seems that he is, we will have to have him put to sleep. I'm trying to be in the room with him, and act normal, in case he knows what's going on, which I don't think he does. At any rate, the vet is now closed.

I just hope he dies in his sleep. I love him so much, but I wish it would be soon--I know that sounds awful, but I don't want him to suffer.

If you could wish him a peaceful death, I would appreciate it. thanks for listening.
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It's not awful at all to wish him a peaceful death. How better to go than peacefully in one's sleep at a ripe old age? We should all be so lucky! I know what you mean about wanting him to go sooner rather than later. You don't want him take a downward spiral and suffer at all.
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Awwww, Bless your heart I hope Hobbes has a peaceful passing when it's his time
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I am so sorry. I know how hard this is.

for a peaceful passing for Hobbes when his time comes.
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Hobbes has gone downhill even more since last night. We have an appointment at 2:40 today. I think I know what the vet will recommend...Hobbes is laying on his favorite blanket on the floor next to me. I think he's lapsed into dementia.

Thank you so much for your vibes and comforting words. I will let you know what happens, but I doubt it will be good news.
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I'm sending good and peaceful vibes for Hobbes and for you. Reading your post has me in tears. I can't imagine what it must be like to watch your sweet boy going through this. Many many hugs to you.

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Many Prayers for Hobbes and you.
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I am sorry ...this is always so so hard on us...even tho they are old and it is a part of life....Sounds like you gave him a wonderful life...No matter how long they live its never long enough...
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Prayers for you and your cat.
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Hobbes died just a few minutes ago.
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Originally Posted by MargeCat View Post
Hobbes died just a few minutes ago.
Oh, honey. I'm so sorry. He's no longer suffering ... my deepest condolences on Hobbe's passing.
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So sorry about that.
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I'm so very sorry. With a heavy heart, I'll respectfully close this thread.
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