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Is it his blood calcium again, or something he ate?

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Well looks like Jordan is going to have to go have his blood calcium tested again. He has been doing awsome, but suddenly this week his appitite has changed. The only thing that makes me think it might not be his blood calcium is that on Monday night he raided the cabinet. He opened a bag of cat food, only I think he may have eaten part of the bag. He is still eating, and is not throwing up, but he is back to being picky about what he eats. So I guess I will be calling the vet. I swear he is trying to make me nuts!
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How much was his cal?
Mu Cocos is 14.6 now.
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I can't remember what it was last time, but It has been around 10.5 the last couple of tests, I'm taking him on Friday to have it tested again. At it's highest it was like 15.2 or 15.6. I just know that when his blood calcium spikes his appitite goes way down. I'm hoping that is not what is happening again. It took over a year to get it back in the normal range, I'd hate to have it go up again.
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Coco dosent really want to eat either.
I hope you can get it down.
She has crf also.
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Jordan will be 6 in May. All of his blood tests have shown nothing but hypercalcimia. I am wondering if this is him being picky. This morning he took a couple bites of his dry food & just gave me a look. I gave him a can of fancy feast & he ate the whole thing. His blood calcium has been within normal ranges for several months. I am hoping it is not going up again because I was hoping to get him off the prenisone completely, but I will do whatever he needs. His appitite was the first thing to go the last time his blood calcium spiked so I am afraid this being picky is the beginning of another spike. Well he's going in tomorrow to have a blood test run, I'll keep you all updated on the results.
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I hope everything goes well.
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Well the vet called this morning. Jordan's blood caclium is still in the normal range. I was half asleep because I have bronchitis again. I wanted to ask a bunch of questions about what his value was and what it is now. The vet that called is not his normal vet. I was told his normal vet is "out of the office for a while." I'm hoping he's back soon. I will see how he does the rest of this weekend and if he continues this strange not eating unless it's what he wants I'll call on Monday and ask some questions. I wish I would have been awake enough to ask my questions.
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Thats good its sill normal.
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Thank you I'm very glad it is still good. I do want to get him off the pred to see how he does, but I'm leaving for around a week next month & I would rather wait until after that trip. The cats will have a pet sitter, but I would rather know he is stable while I'm gone.

By the way I believe I discovered this morning why he wouldn't eat last week. I opened a new bag of dry food this morning & he ate like he was starving. I believe he & her royal highness princess picky pants, were unhappy with the lack of freshness. It was a big bag of food & it was the bottom of the bag. I think it was stale or didn't smell good enough for them to eat.
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Coco does that if her food has been left opened.
I am sure the food gets state.
I would wait until you come back from back from your trip before you stop the pred just in case something is wrong.
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