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Barn Cats Using Doggie Door Coming In the House

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My barn cats have decided that coming through the doggie door and into the house is a wonderful experience! My dogs love cats, so they are no help. I have tried those electric sound makers made especially for cats - they quickly discovered that if they ran past it fast enough it only hurt their ears for a milli-second and the reward was well worth the trouble. I have tried sprays that are supposed to keep them away. I have blocked the doggie door for several days at a time hoping they would loose the habit. Until now, I have not been home to reinforce any behavior modification on a regular basis. I love them all dearly, however, it's no fun coming home to 10 barn cats in the house! Please help!!
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I'm not sure what to tell you.....as my "barn cats" are indoor/outdoor if the please to come in. We don't have a doggie door (well we don't have a fenced yard so no doggie door for the dogs, either) - so I've never ran into that issue.

They're coming in for the warmth....so not sure how to deter them, as it's the survival instinct.
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Sorry... Barn Cats are outdoor cats. Survial makes sense, however, we have 3 barns with plenty of warm hay and they are given cat food twice a day. They are all fat and sassy
We have a chain link fence around the back yard so the inside dogs can come and go through the doggie door from inside to outside as they please. Problem is, the cats jump the chain link fence and come in the house through the doggie door.
Thanks for the feedback. Keep the ideas coming!
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Get rid of the doggie door? The cats have learned a cool trick and as long as that door is there, they will continue to use it. Nothing is going to deter them at this point in time.

You really have 2 choices if you want to keep both the dogs and cats - either continue to allow the dogs and cats to come and go thru that door, or remove it and stop anyone from coming and going. I think you have to pick the lesser of your 2 evils. If you want the dogs to go outside, then get some litter boxes for your home. Close the doors inside the house to restrict where the cats can go when they are inside.

I also have "barn cats" and my house is set up to allow them to come inside when they want to.
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I have no suggestion...a good friend of mine has 9 indoor/outdoor cats that use a cat door, and she has had problems with one of her cats inviting neighborhood strays and raccoons into the house for a snack!

I guess be thankful it's just your own barn cats!
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