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No vibes needed, just need sympathy!

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Ok, another health issue. I have to go in for a colonoscopy tomorrow. I've had to take a dose of Milk of Magnesia every night for the last three nights (a GREAT cure for any kind of...ummmm...problem in that area?) I had to call off work today because I honestly can't stay more than 20 feet away from the bathroom. (TMI? sorry!)

Today is strictly a clear liquid diet....popsickles, chicken bouillion, etc. I CAN have coffee, as long as it is black (which is how I normally drink it). Later today I have to pick up my last prescription which, from what I understand, tastes like salt water, with orange flavoring . I'm NOT looking forward to the next two days.

Yeah, I'm whining, but that's my prerogative (at least that's what I tell DH).
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Bless your heart
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I think the darn prep work is worse than the actual colonoscopy.

My best word of advice... vaseline or some other cream, as you will be raw (if you aren't already).

wish someone had told me that prior to the prep stuff

I had to drink stuff called CitraMag (something along those lines) which was gross but wayyyyyy better than castor oil

You definately have my sympathy. It is awful to go through, but I hope you will get some answers.
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Thanks guys! Yeah, my stomach hasn't settled down for the last 24 hours. I was lucky I made it through work last night until 7:00pm. This is just to rule out colon cancer...both my Gyno and the doctor doing this thinks everything is caused by cysts in my ovaries, but I still have to go through all this. I'm just miserable right now.
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Many vibes for you, Hope!
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I'm so sorry you're going thru all this. Hopefully, you'll get the answers you're looking for and everything will be ok.
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Yup, the prep is THE WORST.

That your test comes out, uhm, CLEAN!!!
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