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As my world turns - Snoball's Fury, PART _ _ _ _ _

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So tomorrow will make week 10, or 2 months, as I got her December 11th. People keep telling me 2 months is NO time. I try to think of this every time she runs from me. I try not to think of all the cutesie stories of people with cats who knead them, nurse on them [um, this I could DEFINITELY pass on], and attach themselves to their laps.

Instead I get snoball, a pretty white cat who risked being euthanized if no one came to her rescue, well that rescuer would be me.

Anyway... a sweet young lady who really helped my meowmy anxiety and even offered, for free, her cat tower to help me deal with snoball's fear/wary behaviors and give her a place to camp out while having a better view of ME - The human who cleans her poo, feeds her, and between whose knee caps Snoball regularly feels the need to sleep - while I am knocked out, mouth open - snoring.

These are the photos of the new toy, which she happily took to.

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awww cute!!!
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I know your dying to have her snuggle up to you but give it time. Some cats are never snuggly but she'll come around eventually.
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Ah, you know, she may always be a little wary of you. She is operating on cat time; yes, yes... you want to cuddle her, etc. But she is calling the shots, which I think you have figured out. Just keep doing what you're doing.

And who knows, she may surprise you sometime with a big breakthrough, like sitting on you or next to you when you're AWAKE!!

Somehow we are less scary when we're sleeping.
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Thanks If only she would stop running, as this point, I will need to trap her to spay her and I don't want to do that. But from you all and her, I have the feeling in 6 months she will be a happy, spayed, comfy kitty. [I don't plan on waiting this long to spay, although, may be to the dismay of some, I will wait until she exhibits her first heat, due to her fearful demeanor, I would rather wait until the last minute due to extreme fear of being 'trapped'/'touched'. I don't know where this trauma has come from. All I keep thinking is maybe when she originally found her way in the shelter, she was chased, or abused. She WANTS to be loved, but something in her triggers a flight or fight response.] I apologize for the digression, I will further this in the behavior board if necessary.

Please excuse me and enjoy the photos!!
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Photos are always welcome and wanted here!

I get why your heistant to trap/spay her but here's my thought on it for what it's worth. Let say she doesn't start her first heat for another 3 months and by this time she has gained some trust in you. If you go and trap her and ship her off to a strange place your likely to undo all that hard work and trust she's gained in you. If you take her in now while she is still a little fearful your less likely to be taking 2 steps back.
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Aww, don't feel bad. I've had kittens my bathroom now for that long, and one of them is just barely coming out of the bathroom when I leave the door open. He was soooo shy!

Your Snoball seems to really like the kitty tree!
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