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New kitty acclimation...

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I introduced my new orange tabby, Tiko, on here a few days ago. He's under 2 years old, VERY playful. In fact, the reason I have him is because he was TOO playful for my ex's cat, a 8 year old Maine Coon that just likes to lounge for the most part. But anyway...

My two panthers love to play and romp, Bayliss especially so. They wrestle, and he squeaks with joy; and when they take a little break, he typically flops on his back or side and shows Sasha his belly. I've always thought that was an invitation; whether for play, petting, or whatever.

So Tiko has started to get used to his new home and into play mode the last few days, and Bayliss has been the only one to engage him so far. Tiko likes to go for the neck right away, and I think Bay has been taken with his 'aggression' at times, as he'll let out a yell and a hiss on occasion. I even saw a few little balls of black hair last night where they were playing. Make no mistake though, Bay knows how to be an antagonizer. He often gives an unwilling Rossi the business, slapping him silly. But he's also okay with Rossi having enough of him, putting him in a headlock, and looking as though he's going to kick Bay's head off.

And therein lies my question:

Even though Bay seems annoyed when Tiko gets a little rough, he still maintains contact when they're done, parading by him or lying within a few feet of him, showing Tiko his belly. If they engage in chase, Bay always comes back, never 'chased off'. In my mind, that's saying 'Hey, youre a tough guy, but I love to play and I'll get used to it'. Would you agree? Mind you, I'm VERY protective of my cats when it comes to any possible anxiety they might endure (I've probably broken up most skirmishes too early, and not let them 'just be cats'), but I can tell Tiko really is just playing; there's no hissing or growling, he's just bouncy and, well, a kitten!

So, just let them work it out, yes?
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Originally Posted by Keycube View Post

So, just let them work it out, yes?

If I were you I'd see how it goes, especially as you've only had him a short while.

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I only step in when it is obvious dominance/bullying going on... pinning and biting well beyond a game and the other cat screams or appears fearful.

I have two kittens in rescue right now - 4 and 5 months. The younger one, Petey, is bigger and more outgoing. He is almost always the instigator, but the smaller one, Andy, doesn't mind and "coaxes" him into play attack. I have also seen Andy instigate play. Petey will pin Andy but lets him up pretty quickly. Andy, who is NOT a dominant personality at all, is fine. And played like this with one of his brothers. He sometimes even jumps on Petey. The two are not related.

(as an aside, when I was looking after Andy and his sibs, the boys would play a funny game I called 'jump on your brother's head; bite his ears!' )

As they say, as long as no one is getting hurt. If Bayliss doesn't like it, he will let Tiko know.
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