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i usually drink a dark roast generic brand of coffee at home, but all this talk about 8 oclock coffee, i might be buying that at the grocery store this weekend
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You guys have a Starbucks drive through?

I don't drink coffee but I do enjoy a cup of tea, once a month.
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I have become addicted to coffee lately!! I need something to get me going through the day and it is too cold for energy drinks! We have sorta like a starbucks at my college, but I just get the regular Verona Bold kind or w/e. But i am bad, because they offer 4 different kinds of creamers (the tater choice Irish cream, hazelnut, chocolate, adn regular) i put a lot in and a lot of sugar (sometimes splenda) to make it sweet lol. But they are cheap and delicious!
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I hate the coffee at work! It is soooo yucky!

I drink Gevalia coffee. We rotate between Mocha, Irish Cream, French Vanilla and Chocolate Rasberry. Occasionally we will brew regular coffee and I will use irish cream favored creamer. I use creamer and sweet n low in it.
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All this talk about coffee gave me and idea!

My niece-in-law to be (on 2/21!) grew up in Hawaii so I called and asked if her dad could bring me a couple of pounds of whole bean 100% Kona. That will be a great treat.
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I just drink Folgers Classic Roast with cinnamon sprinkled on the grounds before it drips.
Then I add milk (evaporated fat-free) and sugar. Sometimes I substitute ground cardamon for the cinnamon.

It's important to clean your coffee machine (not just the carafe) regularly to prevent harsh, burned tasting coffee.
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Love coffee, and I'm not picky on the brand. If I'm treating myself to some non-regular ground coffee, I like hazelnut, irish cream and butter pecan.

I drink both instant ( Has to be Nescafe Rich) (I also really like the different flavors Nescafe has for instant now too) and ground ( currently Folgers).
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alright guys...i went out and got some 8 oclock coffee...the test will be tomorrow
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We just buy major brands at the grocery store. I like cream and sugar, I also like some of the flavored cream but not very often. My DH used to be a sales rep for a major commercial coffee company and I was always the outcast at company parties for "ruining" thier good cofee with cream and sugar
I won't drink it at work, yuck, but sometimes stop at 7-11, they make good coffee.
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I used to drink 8 o'clock coffee and it is really good. It is better than the other regular supermarket coffees. The grocery store I go to sells a storebrand version of it called Spotlight and I can't tell the difference. I started using that to save a little money.
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mmmmmm....ok 8 o clock coffee is pretty good!
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