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The Daily Thread February 11, 2009-HUMP DAY!

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I'm thinking Ms. Nat must still be under the weather. Many get well vibes coming your way.

It an overcast and still unseasonably warm start to the day (32F). Temps reached 50F yesterday and with the sun and the wind it took a dramatic toll on all the snow. (YAY!!)

Anyhow I'm working today in re-organizing my health and beauty aids in our main bathroom. I have to check on some plants that I have overwintering in my garden shed as I need to water them.

Have my Women's Hort Assoc meeting this evening with a couple of errands to run first.

My new Chipper is in and Neil's picking it up tonite at the freight yard!!
Still a bit early in the year to use it but the prices were changing so we ordered it a couple of weeks ago.

Bobber senses the wamer temps and less snow as she is outside poking around right now. The other two are taking their naps.

Enjoy the day.
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We're having the warm weather here as well. It was 61 F this morning while I was getting ready for work and the high for the day is supposed to be around 70 F (21 C). Partly cloudy right now, but we do have some strong thunderstorms coming in this afternoon so I'll probably be driving home through that.

I'm back at work after my day off yesterday. Nothing too exciting today, just a weekly meeting then putting together some Powerpoint sildes for a briefing in a couple of weeks. After work, it's off to the gym for a couple of hours. After that just a (hopefully) quiet night at home with the kitties.
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Yep middle of Feb. and we lost allmost all of the foot and some of the snow we had. I am loveing the weather and have gotten the urge to clean, to bad I am at class all day today..

The furkids are enjoying the nice weather as well I opened a window to let in some fresh air. The brease did not last too long with three cats sniffing the air on the windowsill.
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Good morning

Today should be another nice 75ºF day, yay. Too bad next week it'll probably drop back down into the 40's, ewww.

My fingers hurt today from pole practice last night Too much death grip I guess! Although I really wish I could practice at home too, just nowhere to put a pole yet!

Work is disappointing me today! They made it so facebook & myspace are filtered under "Personals & Dating" and are now blocked At least TCS isnt. I had been making Rob a Facebook page since he's tired of myspace, and in the middle of it, they changed the servers and blocked it while they were at it! Hmph.

Today will be pretty boring. Just work til 3:20ish, then waiting on Rob. Cooking porkchops with corn and maybe some Velveeta tonight.
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Morning All!!!!

Mild and very foggy here today.

Have an appointment at 1:30 but other then that not up to much today.

The weather has gotten me all achy and it was a very restless night so I guess maybe a nap will be in order when I get home this afternoon.

I finally got the pump fixed on my washer so I may do a couple of loads of laundry at some point today as well.

The kitties are all having their mid-morning naps.

Everyone have a good day
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Morning all.

It was foggy this morning so the school buses were cancelled. My DD's get a day off.

It's rainy here but the snow is almost gone. Only downfall about the snow melting is that my yard is covered in dog poo LOL. We don't scoop much in the winter, so when the thaw comes, its a mess.

No big plans here. Just another "chillin" day
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It is raining and really foggy today, but at least its warmer. We have a dirt driveway and its very muddy and my shoes were sinking into it when I went out to get the mail today.

I have to work 2:30-9:30 today. Not looking foward to it, I feel like I am getting a cold and would like to just be in bed. I don't get another day off until Monday and I only get that day because its family day and the mall is closed.
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Welp, I am at home again today I do feel human today though.

No more liquidity issues today and I am eating normal food, so I am going to plan to go to work tomorrow. My head still hurts a little.

Crazy thing about this medications have worked to ease the pain. So, this whole time, it has been just awful.

Trout has been curled up on the end of my bed this whole time.
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