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Need some extra strong vibes and prayers

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I so didn't want to post a vibe like this so soon...
As some of you might remember, I recently started a new job. I quit the last job because it was a very dysfunctional environment, where I needed to deal with an abusive psycho boss... Many people in the Company left because of her; some developed serious health problems due to stress, and I had a breakdown/sick leave in July mainly because of her.
Well, things didn't change, and I quit.
Wanting to go back to California, I flew to LA for interviewing, and had three job offers. In spite of some warnings from a few people in the industry, I chose one Company that I thought would fit me best. Long story short: LISTEN TO YOUR FRIENDS!!!!!!
Well, here I am, a few days before my move to California, and the following happens: First my paycheck came not only late, but short a $400.00.
Besides that, today my boss got really irritated, and yelled at me 4 times, following by hanging up the phone on my face all of these times. He was frustrated with what I see as being unreasonable expectations - things I con not possibly do without the office's help, and the office is not providing the tools that I need, and my sales reps need.
After calming down for a bit, I decided to call a co-worker to ask a few questions, since I got this very bad feeling about moving all the way cross-country and being in a very bad situation, possibly without a salary, in California, which is much more expensive than here, without a place to live, with 2 kitties...
I asked him if my boss has the habit of yelling at his employees, and treating them disrespectfully. The answer was yes - he proceeded to give me all these examples of people who quit because they were getting yelled at.
Then I asked if he was paid this month - the answer was: "I received 1/2 of my salary yesterday, he pays me whenever he feels like it".
Well.... He dropped quite a few more bombs about things that I asked, and thought were weird... It turns out my boss is not an honest person at all... He has done wrong with his employees, sales reps, manufacturers and customers... Just like what I heard before.
So, here I am... I can not sleep so anxious I am... Tomorrow I will tell him I am not moving to California... I am ready to tell him I am not comfortable in being yelled at, and since this now happened 2x, I am not willing to risk moving to California for something that might not work out... If he wants to continue to work with me from home, we can do so, but I am not going to take the yelling either.
At the same time I am afraid, and anxious, I am glad that Bugsy getting sick prevented me to move to California last week... I am SO glad this happened today, when my rent is paid, and I have a roof over my head... I could been on the road with two kitties, completely stuck in a situation without the opportunity to back away from it!
So, I need some vibes and prayers for the best to happen, whatever it is... The one thing I know at this point is that I am not moving to LA right now...
Please send me some vibes.... Sorry for the long post!
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I really have sympathy for you. I applied for a different job at work, and just the prospect of that little change is making me uncomfortable. I've moved long distances for jobs before, and I've had them not work out. It takes a long time to recover from that kind of dislocation, and you never get over the stress that the prospect of doing it again can cause you.
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my goodness, you poor thing. I'm so sorry you are going through all of this, I hope things get better for you. At least you are taking control of the situation and not letting it get worse.
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Can you put out feelers to the companies whose offers you set aside or are those positions filled? I, too, have had my fair share of psyho bosses, who would scream and yell and treat people like crap. I had one situation in just 2007 where my instincts told me that is was a bad situation, but I needed the work/money. I lasted four months - I was miserable, couldn't sleep, constantly had sores in and around my mouth from the stress. I was tag-teamed by these 2 women, horrible women. I never knew what kind of thing they were going to say and do to me next. I liked my co-workers, but I just couldn't take it. One of them was definitely a manic nut; the other just sick,controlling and sadistic, and they had a really creepy relationship.

So, that said, that you can work this out.
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I worked as an "administrative assistant" (we're not allowed to call them secretaries anymore, right?) from 1981 to 1995. There is a reason I began this career as a family home child caregiver in 1995 - because SO MANY of my bosses treated their employees (myself included) just as you described.

My last year working out of the home was the absolute worst - I was pregnant, had a 2-year-old, was constantly reprimanded if I needed time off for a sick and throwing up kid or prenatal appt. We were expected to "make up" any time we took off - working through lunch or staying hours late. I was so stressed during that year (that may explain why my daughter screamed 24/7 for her first 10 months of life)

Certainly this family took a huge financial hit with my "career change", but we have survived - for the better.

Follow your heart and your obvious good instincts. All will work out. That company is not worth it, in my opinion.
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That's so sad. You were so excited! I've had some bad bosses, one at a famous retailer of Bath & Body products , was the only one who ever yelled at me. I quit.

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