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Is this jealousy? What do I do?

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I think I am having a slight jealousy issue with Lucky towards Bugsy... Since Bugsy got home, almost a month ago, Lucky has become much more attached to me - she has turned from a somewhat skittish kitty to a velcro kitty... All is good, in between to both of them - the play, hang out together, and are always around each other. They don't fight, don't hiss, or anything bad... The only problem I have, and I am having a little hard time in dealing with is this: Bugsy is an extremely cuddly and sweet boy, who will do anything for a belly rub. Whenever I am petting Lucky, he comes around for some love too, and that's when it happens: Lucky immediately turns around, and goes away from me - she makes the point to face the other way, and close her eyes as to say: no meowmy: either you give me your full attention, or you wont have the honor to pet me!
So, I am often faced with the choice of petting Bugsy or her - but not at the same time... Which is hard, as Bugsy doesn't understand, and keep coming for love.
How do I deal with this, so this doesn't make her eventually grow to hate him? And how do I satisfy my boys incredible thirst for love at the same time?
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My Molasses is like that, he is the oldest and when I brought some kittens into the mix, he really liked them and got along with them but he also didn't want to share me. He also would come over for hugs and petting and lay on my arm in bed and as soon as one of the others comes over I can almost hear him go "hmphh" and turns away from me in a sulk. I just offer as much love when I can to him. Eventually he will accept and learn how to share the affection.
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Since Bugsy has only been home for a month they may still be working out their pecking order and Lucky’s behavior in this might change once they are more settled in. Some cats just don’t want to share their human even with their buddy though. My Spooky and Mulder are the very best of friends but about half the time they don’t want to share me either. Mulder is the younger and more submissive one and he doesn’t mind at all if I pet both of them but sometimes when he shows up Spooky jumps down and doesn’t come back until Mulder has had his turn, it just depends on his mood I guess. I just do my best to pay equal attention to both of them all the time and make sure they both know they are loved and we don’t have any problems. Good luck!
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