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Annoyed with stupid eye twitch

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For the past week and half I've had this annoying left eye twitch!!! It's driving me crazy!!! Geez i feel like ripping my eye out lol

Sorry just had to vent a little!!!!!
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Mine does that when I don't get enough sleep. It's super annoying.
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Has it been constantly there?

Go to the doctor and get it checked. It could be a sign of a neurological problem.
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Hmm it's been almost every day for a week. Atleast 2 or 3 times a day. I havent really been sleeping much and under a lot of stress so that could also be it, or so i hope!

I've been sleeping only about 5 hours this past week and half and well i work for a CPA firm so since its tax season, it's been a nightmare!!!

But if it continues I will be going to the doctor because I'm annoyed and well worried!
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I had it for a couple of days while i was at Tristans. I think trying to repress the stress of worrying about the house getting burned down got to me
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Mine does that sometimes too, it can be a symptom of not getting enough sleep, argh!!
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Stress causes it too!
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I like the sound of it may be caused by lack of sleep and stress as opposed to neurological issues lol

I should consider getting some sleep huh
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I get that when I am stressed Good Luck
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Do you where contacts or glasses? I wear both, depending on the day, and I get weird eye twitches when my contacts need cleaned/changed or when I need a new prescription for my glasses. Especially if you are doing tax returns and staring at a computer screen more than you are probably used to, it can cause major eye fatigue.

I agree, contact your eye doctor if you have one, or a regular doctor to make sure. I'm betting it's due to eye strain, lack of sleep and just normal stress for tax preparers at this time of year. If you don't have a prescription to help with vision (glasses/contacts) they may be able to give you eye drops or something that will help with the eye strain. But, I DO think getting a decent night sleep will probably help.

You may also want to watch your caffine intake. I know I get ticks around my eyes (some visible to others...some just annoying to me) when I haven't gotten enough sleep and use a lot of coffee to compensate. But, definitely call your doctor and see what he thinks.
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I had a weird twitch in my eye a few months back for three days. The only time it would let up is when I turned the lights down or off.
It eventually let up but I still get it in bright light. I have problems with dry eye and am photosensitive so I can only guess it's linked to me squinting.

Potassium deficiency can cause muscle spasms and cramps, so that may be a possibility for you consider. I'm chronically deficient in it so that may very well play a part in mine.
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Thanks everyone! I am due for an eye check up so I will mention this to them. I also drink a lot of diet coke shame shame.

once again thanks for all your input greatly appreciated
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It happens to me when I'm sleep deprived - even though no one can notice it feels like everyone can see!
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Geez and I thought I was the only one that had this problem! I've had twitches in my left eye lid for about oh, going on three months on and off now.(More on then off) I get enough sleep, my caffeine intake is normal, I have no real stress anymore,and I take multi-vitamins. So why this is happening to me? I have NO idea.
Hope yours stops soon, I understand what a pain it is.
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Been there!! My eye seems to do it when I'm on the computer too much. Esp when I'm over tired and on the computer.
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hope your eye is ok!
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Could be a brain tumor
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Although it's been a long time, I have had those as well. Drives me up a wall!! And the more you think about it, the worse they get.
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DH used to get eye twitches when he was working under a certain type of flourescent light fixtures. His eye dr. told him to wear slightly tinted lenses, like barely-there sunglasses, and that helped.
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Originally Posted by libby74 View Post
DH used to get eye twitches when he was working under a certain type of flourescent light fixtures. His eye dr. told him to wear slightly tinted lenses, like barely-there sunglasses, and that helped.
Most people don't realize this, but the amount of blue light that some fluorescents and all white and blue LEDS put out can damage eyes. Those most at risk are people that already have something wrong with their eyes - including nearsightedness.
My guess is that his eyes are just more sensitive to it and probably sunlight as well.

It seems the common cause for everyone so far is squinting. Those dealing with it - try a cold washcloth over your eyes if they feel strained, or you could try heat to relax the muscles. Give your eyes a break from bright lights (like a computer screen) and relax.
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