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My boy loves salad! Ok to eat?

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My cats don't go outside but I feed them indoor formula cat food which (supposedly) has some nutrients in it they would normally get outdoors. A couple of days ago, Thor knocked over a heaping bowl of my salad onto the floor and started scarfing it up like it was manna from heaven. Of course it's washed and everything, but now I wonder if there's something he isn't getting from his normal diet. I'd like to get them some cat grass - we have some catnip too. Is it okay for him to eat a few bites of salad or will it hurt him?

Is there anything else I can give them to make sure they get their veggies?
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May I ask why you think he needs vegetables in his diet?

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Not that she necessarily NEEDS them, but Nora LOVES veggies and actually seeks them out. She'll come running from across the house when she smells any sort of fruit or veggie. She is often found snatching stuff off the counter and dragging it to the floor to eat it.

I would say it just happens to be something they like, they don't absolutely NEED them, though.
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Don't stop feeding her a primarily meat diet. Cats are carnivores. But there is nothing wrong with giving her treats of salad, just hold the onions and garlic as I understand both are not good for cats.
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Riley usually gets a bite of lettuce or egg when I have a salad. Only a small treat though. If you have salad dressing on it, I would let them have any of that.
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I've had 2 cats in my life that were salad eaters and would do anything to get your salad - my Russian Blue male, Cassie, and my Cornish Rex, Spooky. None of the other cats give "greens" a 2nd look and will not bother. The only part in salads all will eat is the shredded cheese and maybe tomato.

It will not hurt them.
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Just watch the dressing on the salad. Garlic and onion are not good for kitties, but if its just plain salad (no onions or garlic) then in moderation it should be fine as a treat
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Princess and Nemo will both eat salad They will come over sniffing it and then try to snatch some!!! the little boogers!! lol
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Oh I just thought maybe he needed some veggies (or at least something he wasn't getting from his normal diet) because he took to that salad like it was ice cream on a hot summer day

I definitely wouldn't give him any garlic or onions, or salad dressing. He seems to love raw veggies though. I've never seen a cat scarf down salad the way he did. Just wanted to make sure it was okay to let him snitch a few pieces of raw spinach greens and lettuce.

Thanks guys!
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