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British Shorthair Breeding?

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I have done extensive research on the British Shorthair cat, and have decided that they may just be the perfect breed for me! I love their mellow peronalities, plush fur and cute round faces. I'd really like to become a breeder, and am hoping to go to a local cat show in the near future. The main reason for this post, however, is to see if any of you here are Brit breeders. I'd really appreciate any words of advice, and maybe you can share with me your experiences breeding and living with these beautiful felines. Also, what is the estimated cost of building a good, basic cattery and what are some features that you find nessecary? Also, what should I expect to pay for high quality show/breeder British Shorthairs?
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Slow down - way down. You don't jump into breeding. You start off with purchasing a show quality ALTERED Brit and work from there. No Brit breeder is gonna hand over a breeding cat to a novice owner. You can figure a good 5-6 yrs before you are ready to begin any breeding program.

You need to study pedigrees, bloodlines, etc. and know what makes a good and bad Brit. You should know the standard inside and out. A cattery is not just one male and one female. Males have to be caged as they will spray and they are not happy with one female - figure about 3-4 females per male.

I will tell you the male Brits can get pretty aggressive around females and you have to know how to handle them.

Go to a few shows and talk with Brit breeders and get on their waiting list for a future show quality altered cat.
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I second all that GK has to say, and would like to add that it is especially important to study pedigrees in the Brits because there are some colors that are not allowed in the 5 or 8 generation pedigree (can't remember which, will have to reference the CFA site.) These colors are allowed in other registeries, but not in CFA. It would be a tragedy if you started up a program and you couldn't even register your breed cats and their offspring!
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I haven't checked, but I think the pointed colors, the chocolate and lilacs are not accepted in CFA....yet.
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Ok, so I start with a show alter?
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Yes, start with an alter and show him/her and learn all about the breed (this takes time) and you can also become friends with other Brit breeders and make contacts with them for a future breeding cat.

I'm good friends with 3-4 Ocicat breeders and know that if I ever wanted to get back into breeding, these breeders would sell me quality breeding cats cause I know my breed very well and have "proven" to be responsible, dedicated and wanting to stay in the game.
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