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Cat with attitude

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I am posting about our cat Ebony. If I have to discipline my girls by putting them on a chair in the corner when they are bad or I yell for them he sits and howles. I think he has it in his mind that someone is going to hurt them.
This is only one of his quirks. He also sits on his hind legs and waves his front two paws in the air together. I have had him to two different vets and neither of them can give me an explanation of why he does this. Last thing with Ebony he hates men. Ebony was brought home when he was just a little guy and at the time I lived with my mom. My mom was the one to take him to the vet and against my wishes had him declawed at the same time he was neuterd. He hated that vet and I had to find a woman vet that would tolerate him. He still gets so out of control when I had to take him there that the vet wanted to put him down. My husband (god bless him told the vet to stick it and nobody was putting the cat down) still gets hissed at and growled at insisted on taking Ebony with us when we moved. Ebony could no longer stay with my mom because my mom took a stroke the Monday after Thanksgiving.
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no suggestions for the kid/cat issue... but for the other, have your DH get a t-shirt good & sweaty [perhaps fulfilling some things on his honey-do list?] & use that as a placemat for Ebony's food dish. you could also serve treats to Ebony on the shirt. this way, Ebony will associate that scent w/good things.
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