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And my kitties of course.

After adopting a second cat, our first cat developed an elimination problem, and I knew I needed to get smarter - real fast -

I found this book at PetSmart (or maybe PetCo?): it is called Cat vs. Cat by Pam Johnson-Bennett, who is a feline behaviorist, and it has stuff in there I wish I'd known years ago.

We've had kitties for a long time, but we've always just learned by trial and error. Even though we had had four kitties over time with three different "pairings" I had never really read in-depth about their behavior. It caused us to make a few purchases I wouldn't have expected (cat tree, feliway, new litter box) and a few schedule changes as well (like, playtime is important after all). It even caused me to look for this forum, I think because, well, this kitty thing is more complicated than it looks at first.

So, I'm not into recommendations - I'm just letting you know this helped me out a lot.