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How can I help cats without...

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Hi all

I love my cats so much, and would do anything I could to help the ones in need. Unfortunately I don't think I'd last a week volunteering at an animal shelter. I'd come home with far too many (I rent, so I can't keep any more), or I'd be a mess if they put one to sleep that I got attached to (which would be...well, probably all of them!)

I try to bring food, litter, toys, etc. for the cats and dogs at the local shelter when I can (usually once a month) but what else can I do to help?
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I have the same problem that you have. If I volunteered in the shelter, I would want to adopt all of them.

I do fundraisers and public events on behalf of rescue groups. If you aren't afraid to meet people in public, rescues are always looking for people to sit in their booths to cover the community events they participate in. Some of the things I've done:

- Served as an usher for a book signing fundraiser. Made cookies for the event.
- Manned the booth at the local art fair to hand out information on TNR and other public awareness flyers.
- Same thing at cat shows and other pet related public events.
- Make and donate pet products for the rescue group to sell at their shelters, or raffle off during special events.
- Ran a weekly bake sale on behalf of a shelter.
- Compiled and printed 2 cookbooks for a local shelter for them to sell
- hand out low cost spay/neuter clinic cards/flyers to anyone who mentions to me that they have a pet in need. I keep a supply of cards in my purse.
- Learn how to deal with a problem pet that the owner would consider releasing to a shelter and educate people to prevent it from happening.
- Know about all the local programs in your area and be able to offer advice on how best to use them.
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you can always sign up to volunteer at a shelter and they would prob have a small orientation like they did at mine, and the woman that did the orientation seemed pretty sad and that she really didnt like the fact they had to put the cats to sleep sometimes. it will give you a chance to throw out some ideas...see if they do or are willing to start a fostering program to foster cats that are having a hard time finding a home, and you can also throw out the idea of moving some to a non-kill shelter.
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Oooh! Those are GREAT ideas! I don't think we have any no-kill shelters where I am though (I'm in WV). I wish we did!
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You can foster a kitten/cat! That is a good way to help an animal in need. But, its really hard to give them up. We kept almost all of last summer's fosters. lol
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