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I got a New Cat about 1 month ago. Both males and neuter I have Old Cat since he was a kittle OC now 3yrs so is NC. Anyway when putting them together OC is showing dominace (which I think is normal). OC tries to get to
NC looks like he wants to play. Their tails are going and big eyes. They have tried to box each other. Last night they were rolling around and howled at each other. Looked likes when dogs play together biting neck. And than the NC ran from OC. OC is 2x bigger than NC. Is this normal? Thanks for any help!
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Yes, its very normal, my older male cat does that with the new boy. I know that the oldest boy likes to wrestle with the new boy, also the tails twitch and the eyes are wide, they roll around the floor together and one will have the other in a good hold, then when one gets too rough the other will just run off, then later both are back for more.
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That was what I was hoping for....I still though have not let them alone or spend the night together. I still supervise them together

Thanks again!!!
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Have you looked at this http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/showthread.php?t=67321

Sometimes it is necessary to go through some of the introduction process again.
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