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Male Cat Calling

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My neutered 2-yo male, Shermie, sometimes just walks around doing this yowling sound. I have no idea why. I live on the 2nd floor of an apt and there are no cat owners around us and he's not looking out the window while doing this or really looking anywhere. My female, Luna is 6 and spayed so I don't think that would be the issue.....

Normally he has a very cute little meow but when he gets yowl-y it is not that cute. He doesn't do it for long periods of time but just randomly. It's really weird....
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I think he's just bored
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yup - I think he's bored - my male cat Oliver does this when no one feels like playing with him.

Mia, Oliver and Cleo
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Yep, my Toby does that also when everyone else is sleeping. He just randomly goes from room to room yowling, then stops.
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All 3 of my male cats do this too I think they are looking for something ....or someone????
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marley does this too, but he always has something to say. but it's the worse at night when we are in bed. he will wander aroung the house yowling and then after about 5 minutes he stops
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Forrest is also a yowler. He'll walk around the house at various times of the day yowling and muttering. With Forrest, I don't think that he is bored since he has Zachary to play with...and Lilly to annoy. My husband and I are home throughout the day and we also play and attend to the cats.

Personally, I think he just likes to hear the sound of his own voice. Some cats are just really vocal.
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