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Viva, hubby read me one theory (I think it's the same as Tybalt's, or at least how I understood Tybalt's theory) that in reality, Zion is just another level of the Matrix. When the Architect says that 99% of the people accept the Matrix as reality, well what do they do with the other 1%? They created an alternate reality that would perpetuate the idea of the Matrix, and allow for hope in that 1% that couldn't accept the "real world" as reality. Those in Zion *think* they are outside of the Matrix when really they are just in another *part* of it. Never occurs to them. Neo is able to stop the sentinals because he has come to realize how deep the rabbit hole goes.
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Oohh... interesting theory, Heidi...

How will I ever be able to wait until November???
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I have never seen the first one BUT I'm off too see the Matrix Reloaded RIGHT this second, leaving in 5 minutes, Do you think I should ov' seen the first ONE first?


I'll give ya my opinion later..
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OK I'm back after a 2:20 hour long movie SUPER I absolutely LOVED it, Right on top off my fave movie list

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Hubby hears another theory on a car board that neo, morpheius, trinity are all programs!
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You know, I didn't like the movie for the most part, and yet hubby and I were able to sit down and discuss the possibilities of it for about an hour! I still think it could have been cut in half time-wise and been a fantastic movie.

Anyway, hubby and his massage therapist also came up with an interesting theory. Think back to Star Trek I (movie) and Tron, the whole relationships between the machines and the humans/users. Especially the part about finding the Maker/User. In an advanced consciousness of the machines, what if they are seeking Neo out because he is godlike - to find their maker?

And of course, there is still the question of how much "choice" does one have? Did the machines already know that he would choose to save Trinity - if so, why give him the full explanation?
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Just rented Animatrix, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!! Then, go see Reloaded again, and you will pick up a lot more that you missed first time around.
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I had to watch Reloaded 3 times to really get it. It was so unsettling- we're so used to being spoonfed these movies that are all neatly wrapped up in the end. I can't wait for the final movie- its going to be as looooooong summer, the suspense will probably kill me
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I'm glad I saw it so I can join in on the discussion, but I won't be plunking down my money to see it again for further understanding. I'll wait for the DVD. I think that the Brothers Wachowski took a big risk in making a movie that was so difficult to follow. Unfortunately, the mainstream isn't always prepared to put that much thought into a film.

I remember as a kid my dad, an AVID reader and science fiction fan, went to see 2001: A Space Odyssey. When he got home, I asked him how the movie was and he replied, "You know? I just plain didn't understand it."
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Here is a link to a site that has the script from Reloaded on it.

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Originally posted by Tybalt
[b]"Don't you see Ted? It's like reality is both choice AND predetermination, just as light is both a particle and a wave."

"Bill, Dude, what are you doing in this movie?"

"Extra credit for Western Thought101 at San Dimas Community College, Dude."
LMAO!!!! My hubby saw it and said he didn't care for the zion part, too much of a music video for him. He did point out that people would say its not as good as the first because the first, we have never seen action like that, ever, especially the camera work and special effects, even George Lucas couldn't come up with stuff like that. He said he'll watch it with me once it's on rental to see it again because there are deeper meanings in the plot, the idea that there are other 'matrixs created' and Neo happens to be stuck in one of them and that even his character was planned! Wow, was all he could say. It took him a few days till he finally shut up about it.
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I saw it the day it came out, but tomorrow I'm going to see it again at the IMAX theater!
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Originally posted by uabassoon
I saw it the day it came out, but tomorrow I'm going to see it again at the IMAX theater!
Lucky duck! I wish we had an IMAX theatre around here.
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