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I'm buried under work and will be until late, but I'm going to have loads of free time this weekend (S/O has drill) so maybe we'll chat then!

Barb, I'm glad you liked it!
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I can't wait to see it! I loved the first one! I want to wait til after the weekend though, because I don't like big crowds very much. We're taking Alex's bro with us to see X-2 tonight. We've seen it, but he hasn't.
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aurora, what did you think of X2? I didn't really like it very much. I thought X1 was much better for some reason. S/O liked it though.
Hissy why didn't you like the Matrix reloaded??? Pm me and let me know. I thought it was fantastic. then march back to your corner.
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I loved X-2! I thought is was better than the first! It has so much character development! And I almost cried at the end! (I won't say why, so I don't spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it yet, but I'm sure you would know why.)
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We saw it, and I have to agree with Hissy on this one. I was bored in the theater. I thought almost every scene (especially many of the fight scenes and the whole Zion thing) was just too long and there was too much gratuitous special effects - like "look what we can do". The first one was much better IMO, but of course I will still see the third one. BTW, it comes out in November. Oh, and if you haven't seen it yet (or are going again) sit through the credits....there's a little preview of Matrix Revolations at the very end.
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Now I'm hoping I like it darnit... I really liked the first, and I'm still hoping for the best here. Jamie and I may go Sunday, so I guess we'll see.
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I absolutely LOOOOVED it!

The effects were sooo awesome. The plot really made me think, especially at certain parts. One thing I always loved about the Matrix was that you have to really think and use your brain to keep up with everything !

Keanu Reeves is a hotty! *swoon* If I had to give at least one complaint it would be that there was a little to much mushy kissy kissy huggy I love you Trinity I love you Neo in it. Although, some people really like that I was there for the action and effects and the mind stimulating plot!
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We went yesterday to see it. I to am highly dissapointed. I felt like I was completely ripped off. The special effects weren't bad, but the plot... We won't even go into it.
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Ok, my kids saw Matrix Reloaded last night while I was seeing X-2. I think I will rent the first one this weekend so I can catch up with the mainstream here.

As for X-2...everybody is doing the hotty dance over Wolverine. What about Cyclops? I love him!
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Steve and I went and seen it last night and I didn't think I was going to enjoy it, but I actually did...I think I will change Fluffy and Rocky's name to Neo and Trinity
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Deb . . . I like Cyclops, too! He reminds me of Alex (not the way he looks, but the way he acts and dresses, etc.). Plus, he's so sweet to his wife!
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Cyclops is too goody good for me. Wolverine has that whole bad boy thing going, and when he says "I could be the good guy" ----- *swoon*!!!
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Ok, I was so sick of being behind that I rented The Matrix this afternoon. It was very intriguing, so out I went to see Matrix Reloaded tonight.

Pack me into the corner with the others, because I, too, was yawning from boredom. I kept checking my watch to see when it would be over. Plot? What plot? It was an exercise in sheer confusion, peppered with prolonged fight scenes that became more and more improbable. I will not be seeing part 3. I could care less how the whole thing turns out.
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Well, we went to see it this afternoon. Alex had the brilliant idea to go see it before he went to work, without first finding out how long it was! Argh! We had to leave part way through. I didn't get to see what happened in the end! I'm going to go back, so I can see how it ended!
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Just wondering if anyone stayed PAST the credits to see the next Matrix movie? We did..... next one looks just as good!
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Yeah...60 seconds of more of the same.....
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The new Matrix reminded me a lot of Star Wars: Episode One. Too much setup for a basic plot that we already know. We already know what The Matrix is, what Neo can do in it, what Zion is up against, blah blah blah.

Tybalt, that is a good theory for the squids! Guess we'll all find out in November.

Tigger, we stayed and it does look pretty intriguing. Personally, I think they could have cut all the fight scenes by 2-3 minutes, the Zion scene by 5, and the chase scene by 5 and made a GOOD movie by concentrating on the PLOT for both movies.
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I loved the passion between Trinity and Neo. You don't see it to that degree in movies nowadays...
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Saw it today and liked it, although the first one was better. some of the zion stuff did drag on a bit. i thought the "preview" for revolutions should have been longer, since we had to sit through all those credits to see it. do we really need to know who the drivers and caterers are? i'll see the next one, cause i'm curious to see how it all turns out.
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I saw it today, for the second time, but for the first time all the way through to the end. I have to say, I liked it. It didn't blow me away like the first one did, and while I was watching it, I wasn't super-impressed, but afterwards, when I started thinking about it, yeah, I have to say, it was good. The things it gives you to think about are really cool; it provides further insight into the first movie, too, which I liked.
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Originally posted by bren.1
i'll see the next one, cause i'm curious to see how it all turns out.
Post the outcome here for me when it happens. I don't think I could sit through part 3.
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Well, I finally got to see the Matrix Reloaded this afternoon. I can't say that I'm disappointed with it, although I am going to have to see it again to clear up some stuff. As Tamme pointed out, the passion between Neo and Trinity was terrific - they really have me believing they love each other. I didn't think the plot was incredible or anything, but I don't know if I'd call it weak either. If anything, it's a simple plot, and I'm okay with that as I wasn't expecting anything over the top there. I also find Agent Smith to be somewhat amusing. I loved the part where he's more or less cloning himself and says, "Me, me me...", and his clone says, "Me too." Maybe I have a weird sense of humor.

The only negative thing I can say about the movie was the noticable computer generated visual effects. I just keep reminding myself that, yeah, so you can tell the scenes definitely weren't REAL, but it's pretty darn amazing how close they can get. At least IMHO.

And slightly off-topic, but still pertaining to my movie enjoyment of the afternoon. The one thing I despised about the movie was the very thoughtless people in the theatre with me. There were children who I could hear whining.. CHILDREN, like under the age of 6! I'm not a parent or anything to furless children, but I wouldn't be taking a 6 year old into that movie. And then there were the adults that don't understand that when the light dims in the movie, you SHUT YOUR MOUTH! And the couple next to me who were blabbing the whole movie, were also mauling each other... I mean, I can deal with public displays of affection, but after it hits a certain point, isn't a private room justified? ARGH!

Anyway, so my short-answer would be: I liked it, I will go see it again in the theatre to clarify some stuff, I will buy the DVD when it's available and I will go see the next one.
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Ok, my turn .

I saw it yesterday afternoon (with Jenn actually) and here are my thoughts.

First, I will come right out and say I liked it. It didn't blow me away the way the first one did, but I still liked it.

If you haven't seen the movie and don't want to be spoiled I suggest you stop reading my post .

Spoliers to follow-----

Neo and Trinity are hot. And I mean hot. Dear god, the scene in Zion with the dancing/sex, although it was a bit long, I thought it was very well done. You didn't see too much and by that I mean I didn't have to see another naked woman on the screen, it was a nice change. Everytime they kissed you could see the passion, they scorched the screen. IMO, of course .

The bit with the architect, it had me all sorts of confused. It happened before, this is the sixth time?? I don't get it. It doesn't help that the peole sitting next to Jenn mauling each other were talking in regular speaking voices and there was a child screaming. *sigh* I need to see it again.

Neo flying around all the time started to get to me. I mean, come on, I know you can fly, that is great, stop doing it now. Sheesh.

Ok, the fight scenes were a tad too long. I mean when the Smith's were attacking neo, I kept thinking he should have flown away. Also when he finally did fly away I thought the Smiths were going to go after him through the air. It would have amused me. I like Smith.

What the hell happened to Tank???

The computer generated bits get to me. As soon as they lose the real feeling I tend to think less of it. The thing that got me about the first one was it felt real, all of it, it didn't look cartoony to me, but this one had too many bits that felt cartoony for my liking.

The theory that they are all still in the Matrix makes a demented kind of sense. Hmmm...that could hold possibilities. I like it. There is no spoon.
There is no real world.

Can't wait for the third one .
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Jamie, I wandered sbout tank too. My s/o said that tank was on the first ship in the beginning? one of the ones that was blownup? I'm not sure what that was about but that is what he said.
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The only thing I can guess about Tank is that he ended up dying from his injuries. Forgive me, I really should know his name, but the one guy from the original Matrix that makes the deal with Agent Smith to get Morpheus to him so he could hack into the Zion mainframe... everyone know who I'm talking about? Well, he was unplugging people from the Matrix before they were pulled out... and he shot Tank because Tank tried to stop him, and for a little bit, it looked like Tank was dead. Then he stood up and killed the other guy and got the rest of the crew back. It didn't show him dying or anything then, but I'm assuming his injuries were pretty bad. That's my best guess. (Sorry about the length there. )
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Cypher aka Mr. Reagan was the betrayers name.

i'm working on the scoop on tank :P

best i can find:

2. In the six months that elapsed between the plots of the first and second movies, what happened to Tank, the driver who saved them all in the first movie?

Marcus Chong, the adopted son of Tommy Chong (one half of Cheech and Chong), is gone. Neither the studio nor Chong would comment on why, but Warner Bros. replaced him with Harold Perrineau, the guy in the wheelchair from HBO's Oz. Chong told Entertainment Weekly that after he was replaced he tried to crash a Matrix press junket and he took food from the Matrix lot.

as for the fighting question, well alot of folk seem to be asking this.

I have to think, ok your Neo. You just got done talking with "Her" and you get caught off guard, you do not "know" Smith can replicate himself. you start to fight and really are just thinking, :censor::censor::censor: i killed you already. I'll do it again. Only later after many a funny toss and tussle do you realize this isnt gonna happen. And are trapped, you explode in last ditch effort to flea.

He's a hero, he's brave, he think's he's supposed to save the world. This isnt usually done by running away unless you know there is no other way.

Also recall, all three times he flew, were explosions of emotional and mental strength, first because he thought he was dead and second because he knew he had to save the keymaker, third to save Trinity. Quite a bit of theme going there. Flying i'm sure takes a great deal of mental capacity to "believe" he can do.

Of course these are just my speculations

The architect speach, you really do need to watch this again if you didnt catch it the first time, however if you follow the tangent he's saying that it was Neo's destiny(sp) to make it to the source, that he's designed to do so and lead to that end. Why? because the matix isnt perfect much to the architects woe's it has anomalies, and every so often they have to use 12 people to find and destroy these anomalies. The believablity of the matrix is questioned without "Choice" the only way to make a successfull matrix is to give everyone the illusion of choice. So Neo is given the choice, door 1 the source and the end of the matrix and machines (wich cannot happen-ill cover that later). and door 2 saving Trinity. Knowing he has already made his choice as the oracle has already seen. this isnt really a choice. And we all know what he chooses

however! i have to wonder, why would the archetect be telling the truth? Is this just another tactic to keep him from the source? I mean they cant beat him physcially so why not try mentally?...

I have to agree with Tybolt, after he saves trinity, you'll accept that they are stil in the matrix, but when do you see them go to a phone? All they show is him being unpluged and then the running from "the bomb" and theres another question or two... how is it that neo knows its a bomb, and how did he get special powers "outside" of the matrix, and he even says it "wait, somethings different, i can feel them."

have they really left the matrix at this point...

ok earlier you remember the conversation with the counciler(sp) of Zion and Neo where they discuss the dependency of man and machine, i think Neo is already questioning the reality of humankinds ability to function without machines. This is further supported later by the Oracle. Making door number 1 even less attractive.
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Jenn and Jamie, The DVD that is coming out in June called Animatrix is supposed to help clear up some of the confusion from Reloaded. or so I've heard.

ANyone who stayed for the preview--were you disappointed it was so short?! I mean, I sat there through all the credits for a too short preview, IMO.
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NOTE: My post is a spoiler, don't read unless you have seen the movie!
As far as them still being in the Matrix, at the end when he "feels" the sentinels, what about Morpheus and Link? They weren't plugged in at the time when Neo rescued Trinity, and yet they were with Neo and Trinity when they were all running from the ship.

Them still being in the Matrix is interesting, but I don't see it happening, also because Neo's "residual self-image" wasn't there at the end; he was in his "real world" clothes and had all the plugs in his arms showing. If they ARE still in the Matrix, is it just Neo and Trinity, or ALL human beings, and "waking up" from the Matrix is yet another illusion all together?
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I'm definitely going to have to go see it again, and watch that Animatrix dvd like you suggested Bren. I MUST know what's happening!

And I thought the preview for Revolutions was way too short. The credits are SO long to sit through, for barely a minute of the preview.
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