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The Matrix Reloaded

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we've got our tickets to see this tomorrow night at 10pm! If it were up to me, we would wait until it comes out on video but the S/O is chomping at the bit to see it.

Who else is excited about this??
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Not me. I've yet to see the 1st one. A little behind on the pop culture....
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I am going tomorrow as well. I hope it is as good as the first one- I'll let you know tomorrow when we go and see it.
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hubby wants to see it,,,not sure if we are going or not, but it is possible that we will Friday...
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I'm looking forward to it, but I want to see X2 first. The special effects look top notch and the new characters (Jada Pinkett-Smith as Niobe and "The Twins") look really cool.
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My cats are named Neo and Morphues (moemoe)....so you tell me Dh and I want to go see it ASAP!!!
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Honey and I are going to try and go Thurs, I can't wait! I LOVE keanu Reeves! He's so darn hot!!!!!!
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I'm excited about seeing it, but I'm not going tomorrow. I can't imagine the craziness of the theatre, and I have little patience for that sort of thing. I'd be more than happy to hit it early next week, possibly losing some of the weekend crowd.
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I thought the first movie was pretty neat. It really made me think. The problem is, it's been so long I can't remember what the movie was about. Anyone want to give me the Reader's Digest version of the plot?
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Originally posted by Tybalt
Can't wait to see Agent Elrond trading fisticuffs with Keannu.
You know, when we saw LOTR the first time, hubby kept expecting Elrond to break out the shades in the middle of a battle or something. When we saw the preview with the humdreds of Agent Smith, I thought "Man that elf is kicking butt!" LOL

We're going to go, probably this weekend sometime. The effects look amazing, I hope the story can match them.
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special effects aside, this story is one of the few that have really made my mind wander on many tangents. Its got a good hook and sinker to it, very fluid in its telling and would stand alone without the flashy computer aided stuff. I'm a computer geek so this story kinda hits me right in the forehead. Now add in the fact that they created most of the special effects you've seen in "high effects" movies sence 1999. I'm sure they will continue to astound us with story and effects with part 2, i'm actually looking forward to part 3 more than part 2
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I just re-watched the first Matrix so I would remember all of it one this one comes out.
Should be a great movie. We aren't going to see it tonight but probably will go next week sometime.

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Entertainment Weekly did a really interesting article on the movie. It said the matrix had 400 effects, this one will have over 1000.

6 more hours till showtime! We're going to get there an hour early and stand in line. I'll bring a book to read to make the time go faster.
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Can't wait, my s/o and I are planning to see it on Sunday. I think I'll watch the first one again, so I remember what happened.
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i'm going to see it tonight! the cinema has a special deal where you can see the matrix and reloaded back to back! i hope i don't fall asleep in the matrix (1) though, i've seen it like a billion times!!
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We bought our tickets for Friday afternoon. I don't think hubby is going to be able to sleep until we see it, he's so psyched!
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I'm not even a fan and I was completely blown away.

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We ended up going to see it tonight, The local theater was playing it at 10:00 10:20 and 10:40. I thought they were not allowed to show it until midnight, but they did.

It was really cool, best special effects of any movie yet

I won't spoil the plot...

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I can't wait to see it!!! I knew I liked the first one, but it was 4 years since I've seen it. I watched it again last night and realized that's it's even cooler than I remembered.

Now that Colby says she's not a fan and was blown away... I don't think I can wait. Jamie, when are we going??? *whines*
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Oh Jenn you are going to it!!!!!!

I don't want to overhype anybody but it was amazing! And I don't like sci-fi. I went begrudingly and thought it was incredible.
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We have to wait one more week until it gets here

Hubby is an absolute fan. He's seen the first one 4 times on cinema + several times on tv. I liked it a lot too. Can't wait to see part 2!
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I haven't seen the First one, never wanted to really but my step dad is taking me late tuesday night.. YAY!! any excuse to go too the movies, I Sci-Fi and I'm getting the Matrix out tomorrow too..well catch up!!
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todays the day! todays the day! I'm so excited! I can't wait! I just hope our plans don't change and we end up not seeing it..that happens sometimes..
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Jenn - We can go whenever. I kinda wanna watch the first one though, so anytime after that is good with me .
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I had the day wrong on our tickets as well- we leave in about an hour! I can't wait!
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We are definatly going to see this tomrorow night...woohoo!!!!!
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HOLY MOLY! I just got back AP you were right. in a word.... AWESOME!!!
I can't wait until it comes out on dvd so I can have it forevever! and from what I heard the third part comes out in 6 months! I can't wait! Oh my goodness Keanu Reeves is such a hottie! MMMM! MMM! good!
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I'll go stand in the corner after saying this, but I was mega disappointed in the whole movie. The first one was better developed IMO
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Originally posted by hissy
I'll go stand in the corner after saying this, but I was mega disappointed in the whole movie. The first one was better developed IMO

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Sorry- you want to know why PM me or call me. I won't blow it for anyone who has not seen it- but for me- it sucked. Ok back to my corner now........
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