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Raised Food dishes?

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I have seen ads in magazines for food dishes that fit into a pedestal-type thing, either wood or metal. Is there any practical purpose for this or is it only aesthetic?
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I have heard some breeds of dogs need to eat from elevated food dishes because of digestive disorders.

Cats, i dont know if they need them or even like thm. I would use them if someone gave me one, but prob wouldnt buy one
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I have two of the raised dish sets. For one thing, they help so that Riley doesn't drag his ruff in the water bowl as much It can also help with cats the tend to have problems eating too fast and keeping the food down I think. I don't remember the details but there are threads on here somewhere talking about it.

Another reason I like them though, is less mess because when the bowls are on the floor Riley scoots them around with his paws and splashes water
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It helps with slowing down eating. Also I have a senior cat and a middle aged guy, it helps for arthritic pets- they don't have to bend down so far.

I've experimented with a few heights, and mine like the Our Pets Healthy Pet Diner the best. It has a 4" height. I use the stainless bowls for dry food, but Corelle dessert bowls for wet. I bought mine at Kmart for a fraction of that price though. The Lola didn't like the 5" fancy wrought iron feeder I bought. I think it was too tall. The 2-3" feeders aren't tall enough for my cats.
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For dogs, they are meant to help prevent bloat..and also, so taller dogs do not have to bend far down to eat their food (Spinal issues are a concern).

I have dachshunds, and they are already low to the ground lol. Only one of my dogs is tall.

I don't use them for the cats.
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We have these and they are excellent. No cat in my house has refused them or had any difficulty with them. In fact, the first one was a gift to my then senior girl Shasta, and she took to it like a duck to water.
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I have one like this and one like this (middle picture with the white bowls and black stand) and I like them a lot. The second one holds more which is nice.
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