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Nala update

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Nala is doing wonderful! I spoke to Donna (a friend of mine who owns Bob the Cat Rescue, she is awesome!)

We both think Nala was abused by a man. I am seriously thinking the ex owner's (who claimed she HAD to get rid of her cat because the husband said at least one of her cats had to go, I guess he couldn't take it anymore) husband abused the cat.

How sad!

Nala will sleep on top of me, she comes to me, and I can hear her purring from a mile away! Prince STILL WILL NOT LEAVE HER ALONE! She is constantly "punching" Prince when he gets "up her ass". It's actually kind of funny.

But my sweet little angel will not go near Franco my hubby! Franco is an animal lover and loves Prince, but he wants to be close to Nala.

He now knows what to do, if she comes near him, he doesn't move. I told him, let HER come to you and just leave your hand out. She may want you to pet her. She'll go near his had sniff it, and if Franco moves one inch she'll run to me!

The woman who dropped Nala off was kind of weird too.Nala is nothing what she said. She is loving though. But I think she was abused. How sad, Nala is so sweet!
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Do you mean like physical abuse, hitting?? It is sad I hope she is very happy with you, poor thing
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