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Prince's breed continued

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I am seriously starting to think Prince is one of two things:

A Maine Coon mix (image of a Maine Coon below:

Or a Norwegian Forrest Cat (image of a Norwegian Forrest Cat Below):

I have notice Prince loves water. Well playing in it and getting all the "tuffs" around his face wet. HMMMM.
Here are some images of my Prince (DO NOT HOT LINK OR STEAL MY IMAGES!):

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I would think Maine Coon more likely than NFC, but without papers you never really know what could be in there.
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Can't really see the head shape of your cat. Simple differences in the 3 forest cats:

Maine Coon heads are rectangular
Norwegian heads are triangular
Siberian heads are round.

As usual, without papers we really wouldn't know.
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Your photo isn't showing up now but I did see it before.

Sorry he doesn't look like one to me - Abymummy has already pointed out the differences in the head shape but the shape follows right through to the body and he doesn't look to have that either.

He is gorgeous though and it doesn't matter if he's pedigree or not
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