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Monday Candle Ceremony

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I have added my Clive to the list and waiting for the ceremony to start...
for those of you interested in adding your furbabies here is the link


Thanks to everyone for their support during Clives illness and passing.

Love and Light

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I'm on there now too, as LoveCalypso. I hope this will help bring me the peace I am so desparately seeking!
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For those of you who are grieving over the loss of a pet, the candle ceremony at Rainbows Bridge is really helpful. You pretty much connect with other pet lovers who have lost a furbaby, and (if you have them) you light candles in your kitty's honor. Each candle stands for something powerful.

You can also say prayers for your kitty, things you might not have gotten to say when they were still alive. You can pretty much "get it all out" - especially if there are people in your household who say "oh it's just a pet..etc.". Shut the door and tell them you want to be alone for a few hours Monday night.

It's a very moving experience and it really does help to cry and connect with people who have lost their pets. One of the hardest things I did during that ceremony was bless the dogs that took my Calypso away. I understand now it's just nature taking its course. I'm just sorry they had to do what they did, and didn't get the love and attention they deserved as puppies too!
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