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Arghhh does this happen to you??

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So I've been wanting a Wii Fit since November and have been unable to find one and don't want to pay Craiglist prices.

So Sunday Best Buy had them (see yesterday's daily thread post) stood in line and got a ticket to get one......

So I'm at Target today picking up miscellaneous items and I wander down the game aisle looking at games and low and behold they hve two Wii Fits on the shelvesGrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr................... I wouldn't have had to waste a couple hours of my time yesterday!

Of course now that I have one I'll probably see them more!!

I did buy another one though for my parents. I could have picked up both and sold one on craigslist but that's too much bother!

is all I'm going to say.
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Oh gosh I know that feeling.

It never seems to fail when I make a big purchase generally within two days the item I purchase goes on-sale at a much reduced rate. This has happen way to often and I now believe that the shopping gods have a curse on me. Now when I go to buy anything I always ask whether the item is scheduled to go sale anytime soon.

Congrats on getting the second Wii though.
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Wii stuff is like that... especially with the big box retailers like Target and Best Buy. Sometimes they really don't know when stuff is coming in, so nobody hears about it.

I got my Wii at target, quite by mistake... showed up on a sunday morning because I had some shopping to do and Ross was closed. Picked out some pants, but wandered by the electronics section and, lo and behold, Wiis being handed to customers, right out of the shipping carton.

But yeah, I had to stand in line for my Wii fit (at Best Buy) and I saw it not too long after at Target. Go figure...
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We wanted to get out daughter Wii guitar hero the complete set for her birthday It has the guitar , drums and microphone. We looked everywhere. we finally just bought the set with 2 guitars. On saturday the complete set was at Walmart. for almost the same price I paid for the guitar set.
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