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She is very gorgeous
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Not sure what you mean by "flashy," but she's a real stunner in my eyes!
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Thank you guys so much
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Originally Posted by GingersMom View Post
She is gorgeous - oh, I would love to give her a snuggle and feel how warm she is!!!

A friend of mine back in MA has a nekkid kitty, and she looks pink all over, like a baby pig's skin, LOL! I used to love to pet her when I visited.
Thanks. Oh she would love to return that snuggle and would probably head and nose butt you while being louder than a motor. She is the friendliest kitty EVER. All animals and people are welcomed into our home as her long lost new best friend.
She puts off heat that is for sure. I sleep with dogs at night, over 150 lbs of dog, but she has them beat as far as heat goes and she is just a little thing. Some say Sphynx are like a hot water bottle, I find her a lot hotter than that.
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