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I thought I would turn to here for my question.

Because of recent events and the knowledge that my roommate's Egyptian Mau actually may not be spayed like the breeder told us that she was, my roommate is perhaps entertaining thoughts of breeding her. Now this would be far down the line - I am talking probably nine to ten months before the thought would ever come about - but I would like him to be fully aware of what he would be getting into if he decided to go ahead with this idea. I don't know if he really will do this, but I am starting to learn it is better to gain the knowledge in appropriate time when the oppertunity arises instead of letting it slip away.
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Well, First off, you should look for a spay scar, sometimes they are visible, failing that, a vet should be able to tell you. What makes you think she may not be?

If your cat has papers, then it will probably say that the cat is not for breeding, look for a small box that is check marked one way or the other.
If the papers are marked "not for breeding", then you be he would be pretty hard pressed to get the kittens reg'd, as associations keep track of that. Even if he tried to register her with a different association, he would still have to provide paperwork, and that would, of course, be revealed to that association as well.

If he signed a contract, then it's a fair bet that it's spelled out in the contract that she is not for breeding, and once the breeder found out, she could nail him for breech of contract. If it isn't in the contract, well, he shouldn't be doing it anyway, to me, it's an integrity issue.

See breeders don't sell, well, not usually anyway, cats that "perfect" for a pet price. Therefore, breeding that cat may be doing the breed more harm than good. I could also go into the financial aspects of breeding, but there are plenty of posts here that cover that as well as the medical issues.

My advice, as a breeder, is for him to do the right thing, he got what he paid for, and he paid for a cat that wasn't meant to be bred.
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I am starting to believe that the person who my roommate bought his Egyptian Mau really doesn't know what she is doing.

When I took her to the vet because she was sick shortly after getting her the vet looked her over and said there were no signs of having her spayed. I had assumed that perhaps they had her spayed at a very young age and that all her kitty hair - since she is very wee - just grew back. But no, we found out last night that the breeder who told us that she was going to spay her decided not to.

We have her CFA paperwork and there's nothing on there that says not for breeding. The only other thing, aside from her vaccination paperwork, that came with her is a paper that tells us how to register her. He didn't sign a contract, the breeder didn't even mention the idea of having us sign a contract or say to us that she isn't meant for breeding (I thought perhaps that she would have given us something that told us the cat would have to be spayed at 6 monthes, but there was none of that either.)

I guess I shouldn't be entirely surprised by all this. Afterall, she gave us the kitten before my roommate paid for her.

Something tells me my roommate wouldn't mind just having more Egyptian Maus - not for the money, but just for the cats - since he has utterly fallen in love with her.
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