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Hairball or Coughing?

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How can I tell the difference between a cat trying to cough a hairball (without a hairball coming up) and real coughing?

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You can tell by the position of the body. A cat that's coughing is hunched while a cat that is coughing up a hairball is in the same position as eating- all four feet bent and body lowered with the head straight ...
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my cat was in neither position. I was holding him in my arms and he was sitting upright.
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I say, take him to the vet.

My Monti was coughing and I thought it was hairballs. I think I waited too long to take him to the vet, then when I did we found out it was a bad lower resp. infection. I shouldn't have waited so long.
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Sometimes Kitty coughs, but never has coughed up anything.

maybe they cough them up and swallow it before we see it?

dont know
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It sounds very different. One of my cats recently had a very bad asthma attack. At first we thought he was throwing up or had an upper respiratory infection. We got him in right away and he had a very inflamed airway. You should get kitty in for a checkup if there is coughing. Respiratory issues are very serious.

Here is a link to a search on PetEducation.com for "coughing in cats", they have some very helpful articles.
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