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My New Boys

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As I posted in Harriet's memorial thread, I have two new kitty additions to the house.

In Harriet's memory, I adopted an older (4ish) less adoptable cat. He's not quite as unadoptable as Harriet was but he'd still been at the shelter for about 6 months. He came in to the shelter angry and unneutered with tom cat cheeks, tom cat 'tude and scarred up ears. We initially thought he was semi-feral but when he was taken out of his cage (in a feral box) and placed in a room, turns out, he was pretty sweet--he just didn't like being locked up in a cage! Anyway, he was placed up on the floor for adoption and then we noticed... the problem.

The humping problem! He humped everything relentlessly. He chaffed his poor little wee from humping his towels so much! He even once molested a junebug to death. Neutering eventually took care of the problem and he's mostly hump free these days.

He's turned into a big ol' mush who loves to be held on my should like a burping baby. He jumps into my lap then crawls up and puts his head near my shoulder, shuts his eyes and starts grooming my face and I'm supposed to cuddle him or I get bitten.

He had never been in a house until I brought him home and it was kind of sad watching him figure out how a bed worked, what a TV was, and echoing footsteps.

He a brown classic tabby and uh, kinda chubs. Oh, another cool thing: He eats raw food with abandon and glee!

He figured out the fridge immediately.
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And came Frank.

He's another former-tomcat, about 4 years old also. He came into the shelter with his eyes squinted shut. We initally thought it was URI but on closer examination, he has entropian, that is, his eyelashes grow inwards. (ouch!). He has been unable to use his eyes for goodness knows how long AND had been found outside. It's a miracle he's alive.

Despite the fact that he was in obvious pain, and essentially blind, he is a very, very, very sweet cat who loves tummy rubs. (and not just to bite you!)

So we performed the surgery and neutered him. After the surgery, he got quite morose and stopped eating and just sat in sick cat position, looking miserable so I took him home to foster.

Well, he's a faker. I took him home, took off his cone and he groomed himself for 15 minutes straight, took a nap on my bed (he knew what a bed was) and then ate 1/2 a can of food and a ton of kibble! It was a couple of days after I brought him home that he started to be able to use his eyes and I nearly cried. What a relief to him to finally be able to see, pain free.

Well, needless to say, he fit in really well and he and Lera get along really well. They play and cuddle and talk about ex-tomcat things and I've really fallen for the dude.

He may need a one or two more surgeries to fix his eyes, but ... I don't think he'll be going back to the shelter.

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Awww! Bless you for taking in these cats that no one else likely would have adopted!

I hope Frank can or has regained some or all of his sight.
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Bless you for bringing these boys into your home!!!!
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oh my both of them are such handsome handsome boys!Bless you for taking care of them
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Oh look at those "rough & tumble" boys!
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Aww, they're just a bunch o adorable under their rough exteriors. Yaay for older kitties
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My what handsome boys! I look forward to hearing more about them and their adventures.
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Thanks for sharing, they are so cute
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Awww...your big boys are so handsome!
I love that second pic of Frank - I just want to give him a big hug!
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Oh my goodness! I LOVE Frank! He has such a cute dopey look on his face! What sweet cats!
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Frank makes you wanna give him a big hug he's so adorable!!!
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Congratulations on your new handsome boys, I bet they could tell some stories
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Awwww bless you for being so kind!! Super cute boys!
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I'm guessing Lera is the first cat? They are both magnificent boys, but I am especially drawn to Lera. What an absolute cutie.
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