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Need some advice, help--new to this

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Here's where it all begins

Here's my question

I'm honestly debated trapping some of these cats and taking them to the shelter. I don't think the people across the tracks are spaying and neutering and they aren't socialized. I'm debating in my head though, if they get put down at the shelter (it's a no kill but I'm not sure how that works) is it a better life than what they have?

I feel like if I just spay and neuter--all I'm doing is giving the neighbors a free service for irresponsibility.

Maybe I need to make feeding them a daily act and go from there? Thoughts advice?

(I can get a have a heart trap)

**As a side note, I didn't call the shelter but when I got on their website last night I checked out the posted cats and found what I believe to be Little Miss up for adoption--which is a huge relief, but also means that black and white cat, is actively seeking us out
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These cats belong to your neighbors? I don't know. I've been getting all the ferals and strays around my place fixed. I don't think they belong to anyone though and if they do I don't care, I'm fixing them anyway because it should be done. My ferals, I would never bring to the humane society, my humane society automatically euthanizes them and they've been outside their whole life, so I think they're okay. I've considered bringing in the strays, thinking they might have a chance to find a home, but they seem to be adapting to outdoors life pretty well. As for doing a free service for your neighbors, I would rather think about the cats, and how having them fixed would be better for THEM. This probably didn't help you at tend to ramble sometimes.
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You can perhaps try with a compromise with your neighbours. A) find a cheap veterinarian (you can perhaps get a "group-discount"?. B) Talk to the neighbours, remind about the advantages of spaying. Tell it will be really cheap with that cheap veterinarian. C) And suggest you can help with the practical if they wish: you follow them to the vet or you even can take the cats to the vet etc, as long as they let you - and preferably(!) pay for the spaying... Lend them the money if necessary.
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These neighbors will not be cooperative--I know that talking to them will be a waste of my time.

I've decided to continue feeding the black and white cat and to just see how things progress with him or her. I'm not in a place financially to really do a whole lot for these cats right now beyond feeding--not even my own cats, my husband is out of work and I'm only working part-time.

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Your questions are just what I've recently been asking myself - and, frankly I think everyone has a different situation, and it's not possible to have a "one-size-fits-all" answer.

We have no-kill - about 2 or 3 - in this area - they are crammed full. I'm sure the cats, and kittens, must stay in a cage most of their lives if they aren’t adopted - one place has a room for the cats to be in rather than in cages - but, I don't know how long they're allowed to be out, etc. This place won’t even take my call, or answer my emails.

One of other places that is crammed full has been generous with information, emails, and I think the contact said it best when he wrote in one email, “Unfortunately, getting animals spayed or neutered is like the war on will never be won. All we can do is the best we can now!†That’s what I plan to do – the best I can - and then try not to beat myself up if I can’t do more, or make mistakes as I go.

So, the feral(s), and the one stray that started this for me, won't be going to a cage unless someone can convince me they'd be better off.

We have an Animal Samaritans here that will spay/neuter the ferals for free with the TNR "program", and the stray will cost me $60 for neutering. I've been told that there are "scholarships" available - so I have yet to see how that might work.

I just ordered my first trap (Tru-Catch)- it has two doors for easy release, and, I have a "divider" that I can temporally put inside the cage when I open one of the doors to feed, or whatever. One colony caregiver told me to cover the wire floor with newspaper so that the cat's paws won't get hurt on the wired floor.

I've never trapped before - but, the female, I believe is pregnant again, and I need to get her spayed before I have more kittens to deal with.

Since I haven’t provided care for a spayed female in these kind of circumstances, I’m frightened that I will not give her the proper after care and cause her harm. The contact at the hospital said there wouldn’t be a problem, just that I would have to hold her overnight – others have said two days to hold – but, she does have kittens that are still depending on her protection, etc., so, I’m very very concerned about this process.

My plans are to trap, neuter, and release - anything that I trap - no matter if the cat may be some irresponsible neighbor(s)’. I'm thinking of putting out flyers that inform neighbors about my planned action, and if people let their cats out at night, that they need to get a picture to me so I won't get unnecessary surgery for his/her cat.

It’s important to keep down the feral cat population as much as we are able.

I’d never take to the Shelter, never, never, never. – I live in California – and with the finances close to bankruptcy, the animals will be killed before they have a chance for adoption, IMO.

Cats are survivors, and so far, from my observation – I agree, altho’ I do pray for the ones under my care every day. ☺

Don’t think of the irresponsible people, think of the cats. Remember what my friend said about this being like the war on drugs … and just continue doing the best you can. ☺
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Well I've been feeding black and white kitty for about 10 days now. I've named him Moo--it just fits his markings. There is also another kitty that frequents the bowl--he is not coming from the same house that Moo and Little Miss come from. He is a tabby and white--haven't named him yet but I'm working on it.

Moo is terribly fearful and I just pray that he slowly realizes that he can trust me and that I will not harm him--I want only the best for him. I put his food out everyday at 12:30 PM for consistency.

Hubby spotted another kitty yesterday, I've fed her a few times before, she comes from the same place Moo comes from. She is a brown tabby and white but her Tabby markings are classic markings not mackeral like most you see--so her swirls look like a cinnamon roll. Hubby thinks she came out from to the bowl as well--he saw her walking through the backyard toward the tracks.

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Well, Leslie - sounds like the word is out - someone cares about feeding them, and they're letting others know where the food kitchen is.

If you haven't already - research ferals, buy some traps, find a clinic that does TNR (trap, neuter, release) - neutering/spaying for free, find a mentor to help you through the trapping for the first couple of times - and be prepared for anything.

This is the best price on the trap I think is the best (Tru Catch) - having two doors is wonderful, and having the wire coated is an added bonus!

If you are able to trap, and find a free clinic - keep in mind that if you happen to tell them that you can pick up the cat, and/or that it's a "stray", they probably won't spay/neuter for free - there will be a fee.

Our clinic, here, will take the trapped feral without an appointment, whereas if it's a stray - you'll need an appointment - all the cats I trap are "Ferals".

The surgery schedule in this clinic is for us to take a cat to the clinic in the morning, and pick up in the afternoon. For me, I was able to hold them for a longer recovery time than some say is necessary. The boys have a shorter recovery period, the females a little longer, and the pregnant females, yet a little more longer.

Best to you!
P.S. I just re-read your first post - looks like what I've written here doesn't really apply to you, sorry - maybe others will read it and get a little something from it?
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Well the tabby and white girl--calling her Cinnamon, came to eat on Tuesday night and I tried to take her picture but when she spotted me in the window she ran--across the street, where I've never seen her at.

I will continue to feed them and hope to gain their trust.

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