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Dinner sauce help

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Tonight for dinner I'm gunna grill up these bacon wrapped chicken pieces we got at Fresh & Easy the other day.It also comes with this serving sauce which is a 4 cheese sauce. My SO doesn't think he will like it on top of the chicken. I was wondering if any of you had any ideas on what type of sauce will go with it. My other sides are a grilled chicken Caesar salad and maybe some jasmine rice.
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What about a basic white sauce?


I make one with chives, little bit of garlic and mushrooms to go over chicken

The white sauce is very basic, but you could add whatever you wanted to it... maybe fry up some bacon and onions and put that in it... might be good.
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How about a wine sauce.
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Wine sauce sounds yummy I'll have to google some recipes.
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What is the chicken/bacon seasoned with? The sauce needs to compliment the seasonings.
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Well, normally I would suggest making a peanut sauce, but with the current situation, it might not be such a good idea.

If you do have some safe peanut products, then here is what I usually do:

Take some peanut butter and put it in a little pyrex dish (these are so handy for cooking), mix in some soy sauce, a little oil, some curry powder, black pepper, chili pepper (if you want a kick to it), and some chopped peanuts. Stir it up and add ingredients until you get the right consistency. You can even add a little chicken broth to it to add flavor and thin it out a bit. I would brush it onto the chicken while grilling and then just after. You can also use it in stir-fry.

You could also do a honey-mustard sauce.
Combine honey, mustard, a little wasabi powder (if you have some), some fresh ginger(optional), and black pepper. Brush on while grilling.
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