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Oliver likes to BITE fingers

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Our new kitten, Oliver thinks that fingers are to be bitten. He is the eighth cat we've gotten since we've been married and I've never had one who's so into biting. It is play biting, he isn't biting really hard. He just gets extremely fired up and then he bites. We do not play the finger game with him because I know that would encourage him to bite. When he bites, we usually withdraw our hands so he gets no reinforcement. I've recently started saying No! each time he bites also. I haven't bopped him on the nose because I feel his biting shouldn't be met with more "violence". He really is a sweet kitten though, purrs up a storm. I'm sure the biting is just kitten behavior but I'd like to get the message across to him that it's inappropriate behavior. Any ideas?
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Scream one short burst when he grabs your fingers and it will startle him out of the behavior, or blow one quick breath in his face and tell him no. He is being a kitty.
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Yea, Isis is a biter. She gets really fired up and begins biting, or when she tastes food on our fingers she bites hard. I found that after yelping it caused her not to do it any longer.
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My little kitten Futch does the same thing. He likes to bite fingers. His teeth are so small and sometimes it really hurts. I try to discourage him by grabbing his two front paws and saying "NO" when he does it. Most of the time, he backs off.

I've heard this is something young kittens do grow out of.

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Fluffy is the same way..she will come up to you and start licking you, then she bites...it isn't a hard bite, but it is just the biting we try to discourage biting the fingers, but maybe a toy or something would help distract her....good luck though
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Well, I've been trying the blow in the face thing-it seems to helping a bit. He does forget after awhile and bites again. I imagine it will just take time.
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You don't say how old Oliver is.. I usually squeek if my kitties play too rough and they back off right away.
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Oliver will be 15 wks. on Sunday.
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Well...my dear little Spikey bites me--and sometimes he bites HARD!! I have blown in his face, yelped, firmly said NO! Gave him a new toy to distract him. But if he is"on a mission"--he will re-direct that biting from me, to my little (female) white kitty. So then I HAVE to give him a short time-out. I put him in one room, and her in another, for about 15 minutes, then he is very contrite (for about 5 minutes! haha ) He is SUCH a pistol!!!
Good luck, and I'll be watching this thread for any new tips for my dear little Spikadoo!!!
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