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Daily Thread Feb 9th

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Morning All!!

It would seem Trouts Mom is absent this morning so I will get this started for today.

Sunny but cool here this morning, is suppose to warm up to way above freezing this afternoon and be nice for the next few days.
We sure need the break from winter.

Heading out shortly, have to run a few errands today. After that I am coming home to catch up on some housework. I need to get some vacuuming done before the cat hair takes over the world.

Nothing planned for this evening except puttering at the computer and watching some tv.

The kitties are birdwatching this morning.

Everyone have a good day
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Good morning

I had a dr. appt. at 9, got home at 10:30 (bout 7 mins of that was driving, another 5mins for the appt. the rest was waiting for the appt.)

I'm just enjoying some me time right now. I need my me time, and don't get any on the weekends.... so Monday's during school hours are me times

Might watch a movie.

Going to have a yummy lunch today... I made a turkey dinner last night, so today I'm having a turkey salad wrap for lunch

I did not sleep well at all last night... I'm crossing my fingers that my insomnia is not coming back So I might have a nap today too.

And as usual, Mondays are the day I usually post alot on here

Weather is nice.... sunny, not sure the temp, think the high today is supposed to be 2C but it does feel warmer than that. Cmon spring
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I'm back to work this morning after 3 days off. I was staying up late, so it was hard to get up early this morning and drag myself in. I'm definitely going to need some strong coffee today. After work I'll go by the gym. Because of snow and general laziness I only went twice last week, so I need to get back to it.

Tomorrow I've got a veterinarian coming over to do a house call on Tre. I've never used her before, but Tre gets extremely upset when I take him to my regular vet's office. I'm hoping he'll stay calmer in a home environment. So after I get home from work I'll have to spend some time cleaning up the apartment so that she has a nice, relatively cat hair free place to examine him.

Weather-wise, we're supposed to get to 68 F (20 C) today. I left a window open for the kitties to enjoy the weather before I left for work. If this is winter, I'll be glad to take 6 more weeks of it.
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