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Oh no, not another one...

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Oh yes. Meet Tiko.

My ex-wife found him in the middle of the road 3 months ago, and took him in. From day one he harassed her 8 year old Maine Coon persistently though, and she finally gave up. My two panthers love to wrestle and play, and I'm hoping they'll be accomodating to him; that's all he wants to do is play, he really is a sweet cat. To be honest, I just don't think my ex played with him enough to keep him occupied (and tired!).

He's a funny cat, always so resilient; I brought him to my apartment noon Saturday, and didn't make a peep all weekend. Kept him gated in the bathroom for a bit just so everyone could get their bearings, and he just laid down as if to say, "I'm good - you let me know when everyone's ready". When I let him out around 6 PM, he acted like he owned the place, exploring with no hesitancy whatsoever.

None of my babies are that thrilled about him yet. Sasha is the most vocal, yet strangely, seems the most curious. I have a feeling things are better when I'm gone, as no one's vying for my attention. When I came home from running errands yesterday, everyone had their usual nap spot.

He makes little playful charges at everyone, wanting to play, but no one's engaged him yet. Maybe send some good vibes my way, so that he's accepted by all and finds a happy home with me. He deserves it.

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Tiko is so handsome!!! good luck integrating him It really sounds like it will be no problem
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He's a beautiful boy! Hard to tell from the photo - but he looks like a classic orange tabby. Good luck integrating him into your
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what a handsome boy good luck and many that him and your kitties get along and become good friends
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You've got two panthers, and now a tiger.
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thats nice of you to take him. Hes sooooo cute!
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